Monika Kaszuba

psychologist, sexologist, doula

She provides psychotherapy, psychological counseling, sexological counseling and sexual dysfunction therapy. She also provides one-off sexological consultations. She conducts individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy and therapy for children and adolescents.

As doula, she conducts comprehensive perinatal care, talks about expectations and fears related to parenthood, prepares future parents for a new role. It can also accompany during childbirth, using relaxation techniques and providing a sense of security. During the puerperium, he supports returning to sexual activity.

Marcin Drzewiecki

psychologist, psychotherapist, sexologist

In his work he uses methods of cognitive-behavioral current.

He conducts psychological and sexological counseling and therapy for sexual dysfunction. He works with both individual patients as well as couples and couples therapy.

He also deals with crisis interventions and prophylaxis and therapy of stress and addiction.