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Child Sexologist Warsaw

Child Sexologist helps with such problems as:

As psychologists and sexologists, we help children, adolescents and their parents with problems related to sexuality during puberty. In our work, we focus only on proven methods supported by many years of experience. We guarantee comfort and discretion to our little patients. Every child sexologist from our team in Warsaw works in compliance with ethical standards.

We work in the heart of Warsaw, next to the intersection of Aleje Jerozolimskie, Aleja Jana Pawła II and Chałubińskiego street. Our Clinic is easily accessible by public transport. Nearby are the railway stations: Warszawa Centralna, Warszawa Śródmieście, as well as two metro stations: Metro Centrum and Metro Rondo ONZ. It is also easy to reach us by car, because next to the Clinic there are numerous parking spaces along Aleje Jerozolimskie and at the back of the building along Nowogrodzka Street, as well as a parking lot in the Łopieński Brothers’ Passage.

When is it worth going to a child sexologist?

Child sexologist is a specialist who helps in solving problems concerning the child’s sexual development. Problems most commonly encountered by child sexologists in their work are:

What does the first visit to a child sexologist look like?

At the first visit the sexologist talks only to the parent or both parents of the child (or guardians). The purpose of the conversation is to obtain information about the problem including its context (i.e. the child’s state of health, well-being, etc.). It is not until the next visit that the parent or parents come with the child. The sexologist will talk to the child and (in consultation with parents) will help to find a remedy for the problem.

It is definitely worth taking up treatment for your child, even if the child signals that it is a difficult or uncomfortable situation for him. The sexual sphere of man is formed from an early age. Consultation with a child sexologist is a step towards ensuring that the child, as an adult, avoids problems related to the sphere of sexuality.

Feel free to contact us and make an appointment for a consultation, during which a child sexologist will help to solve the problem that is troubling your child. Our child sexologists work in a clinic located in the very center of Warsaw.

Latest information

6 August 2020

Sexual Development in Children – what are completely normal behaviors of a child and which should make us worry? When and how to react?

25 July 2020

We have changed the layout of our website. We hope that it will be more friendly and functional in the new version!

17 July 2020

Our Clinic has a new, easier to remember telephone number: 500 504 600.

10 June 2020

Our Clinic will be closed tomorrow (June 11) due to the feast of Corpus Christi. However, on the following days of the extended weekend we work normally.

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Child sexology
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Sexual Development in Children

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