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Emotions appear in situations that are important to us, as a result of which we feel emotional arousal. They are characterized by an increase of muscle tension, intensification of mental processes, increased pulse, accelerated breathing, sweating. Emotions can reach a high intensity, but they are temporary and subside.

Finally, and very importantly, emotions can be positive or negative – they are tips for us on how to understand and respond to the surrounding world.  Since the beginning of mankind emotions were meant to help human adapt to the world around him – by associating his actions with positive or negative emotions, he could then avoid actions that he associated negatively and duplicate those connected with positive emotions.

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Types of emotions

The basic emotions are:
Anger – occurs as a result of losing control when our pursuit is blocked
Fear – appears in the face of real danger
Happiness – appears as a result of a situation assessed by the subject as positive
Sadness – appears as a result of failure or a situation that is assessed negatively
Disgust – occurs as a result of an event that we interpret as strongly negative, unacceptable
Surprise – appears in an unexpected situation

However, the most difficult thing to deal with is negative emotions such as fear, anger and sadness. They are difficult to control and they can make achieving our life goals very difficult or even impossible. How to deal with them?

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