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    How to Get Motivated

    Jak odnaleźć w sobie motywację?

    How to Get Motivated

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    Motivation is something that drives us to act, gives us a goal – a goal that we care about. Motivation is the reason for our actions, expectations and needs.

    Motivation can also be seen as a cycle in which thoughts affect behavior, behavior translates into action, and action affects thought and the cycle begins again.

    Lack of motivation

    Unfortunately, each of us has times when there is less motivation. If we lose it completely, there is a sense of senselessness and purposelessness, and a feeling of loneliness and uselessness, followed by passivity, a feeling of being overwhelmed, and dullness.

    Often, the reason for the lack of motivation is the feeling that what we do, we do worse than others, and therefore it makes no sense to try. Then we often sink into doing nothing, sinking into thoughts that we are inferior.

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    How to get motivated?

    To get motivated, the most difficult is to take this first step – set a goal and try to achieve it. For some, for example, physical activity may be helpful – if someone sets a goal, e.g. daily running and starts to realize it, after some time there will come pride of oneself and it will be an incentive to break through and get motivated in other fields.

    It is also important that your goal is really yours, and not that it is someone else’s desire. One will not feel motivated if the goal to be motivated to achieve is not his own goal.

    Sometimes it helps to “visualize” this goal, imagining what it will be like once you reach it. How you will feel when you reach this goal. Thinking about the benefits and all the other positive things that come from achieving your goal helps you get even more motivated.

    Psychotherapy also helps in finding goals and motivation. An experienced psychologist, psychotherapist helps to go through this more difficult period in life and find the purpose and motivation for further actions.

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