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    Premature Ejaculation

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    Premature Ejaculation

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    Premature ejaculation (Latin eiaculatio praecox) is a situation when a man experiences orgasm and ejaculates with only minimal stimulation of the penis and shortly after the beginning of this stimulation. There is no single definition of what “soon” means, but the International Society for Sexual Medicine states that premature ejaculation always or almost always occurs within a minute or less. For comparison, typically ejaculation occurs approximately 4-8 minutes after the start of stimulation. An important feature of premature ejaculation is that it occurs sooner than the man would want.

    Causes of premature ejaculation

    The causes of premature ejaculation are not fully understood. Different theories propose different explanations for the reasons for this phenomenon, mainly lying in the psyche: rapid masturbation during adolescence (not to be covered), stage fright, having sex too rarely, easy excitement. Some theories also point out physiology: excessive sensitivity of the glans penis, genetic predisposition, etc.

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    Diagnosing premature ejaculation

    Premature ejaculation is manifested by a short interval between the start of penis stimulation and ejaculation, a feeling of poor control over the moment of ejaculation or even lack of this control and negative personal consequences (stress, difficulties in relations with partners). Often a distinction is made between lifelong premature ejaculation (from first intercourse) and acquired premature ejaculation (which developed later). In patients of this first group, if ejaculation occurs within a period of not more than about 1-1.5 minutes from the start of stimulation, the therapy contains pharmacological treatment in addition to psychotherapy conducted by a sexologist. For other patients the psychotherapy is conducted.


    Premature ejaculation is the most common male sexual disorder. About one-third of men suffer from the premature ejaculation (about as many respondents indicate that they have experienced this problem in the last 12 months). However, Poland only about 9% are asking for help because of this.

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    Treatment of premature ejaculation has a relatively high efficiency, which reaches up to 90%. The methods used include, among others:

    – psychotherapy (individual therapy and therapy for couples),

    – pharmacological treatment,

    – masturbation exercises (individual or with a partner).

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