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Sexologist Warsaw

Do you want to:
  • Improve your sex life?
  • Overcome erectile dysfunction problems?
  • Overcome premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, or other ejaculation problems?
  • Overcome sexual addiction, addiction to masturbation or addiction to pornography?
  • Get answers to questions about your sexuality?
  • Improve the relationship with your partner (couples therapy, marriage therapy)?

We provide sexological consultations in Warsaw based on methods developed during many years of experience. We provide comfortable conditions for open and sincere conversation and we guarantee full discretion because we put ethics first.

Our Clinic is conveniently located in the heart of Warsaw, at the intersection of Aleja Jana Pawła II, Aleje Jerozolimskie and Chałubińskiego Street. In the close vicinity there is the Warszawa Centralna and Warszawa Śródmieście train stations, as well as metro stations: Metro Centrum and Metro Rondo ONZ. Thanks to this location it is easy to reach us by public transport. It is also convenient to reach us with your own car – due to parking spaces along Aleje Jerozolimskie Avenue, along Nowogrodzka Street (at the back of the building in which our Clinic is located) and parking in the Łopieński Brothers Passage (entrance from Aleje Jerozolimskie), it is quite easy to park your car.

What does sexologist do?

The problems sexologists most often encounter in their work are:

  • Libido disorders (both too much and too little sex drive may be a problem)
  • Erectile dysfunction (erection problems) – lack of erection, incomplete or disappearing erection
  • Ejaculation disorder – lack of ejaculation, premature or delayed ejaculation
  • Anorgasmia – inability to reach orgasm
  • Dyspareunia – pain during sexual intercourse
  • Vaginismus – spasm of the muscles around the vaginal entrance that is independent of your will and makes you unable to have sex
  • Trauma from the past that does not allow you to get satisfaction from sex today
  • Sexoholism, addiction to masturbation, addiction to pornography
  • Problems in relations with a partner, misunderstanding of each other needs, lack of spontaneity, boredom and routine in sexual life

First, the sexologist will determine whether sex problems arise from the psyche, or whether they are caused by a malfunction in one of the organs. If the problem is in the psyche, then psychotherapy will be indicated, the aim of which will be to eliminate problems hindering or preventing a satisfying sex life.

Sexologist Warsaw – first visit, is it worth it?

A visit to a sexologist may be associated with the difficulty of talking about very intimate problems. However, it is really worth taking this step. It is worth taking care of sexuality at least as much as taking care of your body. To feel satisfaction with your sex life is one of the basic elements of achieving satisfaction in the whole life.

A visit to a sexologist can help you:

In our team we have also a child sexologist who helps solve problems regarding sexuality in children and adolescents.

People often don’t realize how much their sexuality has an impact on other areas of their lives. So everyone should take care of health in this sphere, because there is no need of giving up this completely natural and inseparable part of ourselves.

Feel free to contact us and for a personal meeting at which our sexologist will help you understand and solve your problems. Our sexologists work in a counseling center in the very center of Warsaw.

Latest information

30 December 2020

On December 31 (New Year’s Eve), our Clinic will be open until 1:00 PM, and on January 1, it will be closed. We wish you all the best in the New Year!

23 December 2020

On Christmas Eve (December 24), the Clinic will be open until 12:00 and will be closed on the first and second day of Christmas (December 25 and 26). We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

16 October 2020

Sexual life in the age of the Internet – How is it changing? What are the directions of internet sexual activity? What is the role of cybersex? You can read about it in the article by Marcin Walicki.

6 October 2020

Trying for a baby and Problems with Sex – What are the most common causes of sex problems when trying to conceive? How to overcome them?

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Sexual life in the age of the Internet

Sexual life in the age of the Internet

Sexual life in the age of the Internet 1024 683 Psycholog Seksuolog Warszawa - Poradnia "HARMONIA"
Sexual satisfaction

Sexual Satisfaction

Sexual Satisfaction 1024 683 Psycholog Seksuolog Warszawa - Poradnia "HARMONIA"
Awersja seksualna

Sexual Aversion

Sexual Aversion 1024 683 Psycholog Seksuolog Warszawa - Poradnia "HARMONIA"

Pornography Addiction

Pornography Addiction 1024 680 Psycholog Seksuolog Warszawa - Poradnia "HARMONIA"
Wytrysk opóźniony

Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed Ejaculation 1024 614 Psycholog Seksuolog Warszawa - Poradnia "HARMONIA"
Uzależnienie od masturbacji - błahostka czy poważny problem?

Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation Addiction 1024 683 Psycholog Seksuolog Warszawa - Poradnia "HARMONIA"

Vaginismus – an embarrassing problem that can be overcome

Vaginismus – an embarrassing problem that can be overcome 1024 696 Psycholog Seksuolog Warszawa - Poradnia "HARMONIA"


Dyspareunia 1024 683 Psycholog Seksuolog Warszawa - Poradnia "HARMONIA"
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