Psychotherapy will help you to:

  • Take control of your life
  • Achieve personal growth and development
  • Improve the quality of your relationships
  • Feel more confident and live at your full potential
  • Limit the effects of negative life events

We provide effective psychotherapy in Warsaw, using methods developed over the years of experience. We guarantee a comfortable atmosphere and full discretion, because high ethical standards are the most important for us.

Our Clinic is located in the center of Warsaw, at Aleje Jerozolimskie 91, near the the intersection of Aleje Jerozolimskie, Aleja Jana Pawła II and Chałubińskiego Street. Due to nearby parking spaces along Aleje Jerozolimskie Avenue, as well as along Nowogrodzka Street (at the back of the building where our Clinic is located) and parking in the Łopieński Brothers Passage (entrance from Aleje Jerozolimskie), access by car is extremely easy. Nearby are the Warszawa Centralna station, Warszawa Śródmieście station and two metro stations: Metro Centrum and Metro Rondo ONZ, it is also convenient to reach us by public transport.

Psychotherapy – what is it?

There is no single definition of psychotherapy. In order to best define psychotherapy, one should say that (1) psychotherapy involves the use of psychological methods, in particular personal interaction between the therapist and the patient; (2) the purpose of psychotherapy is to change the patient’s behavior or to overcome his problems.

In a nutshell, psychotherapy is treatment through conversation. But this is not a treatment where the patient is only a passive participant. The patient must want to make a change in his life and the role of the psychotherapist is to skilfully help him. In this sense psychotherapy is not in itself a cure for patient’s problems but rather a way of enabling and supporting their overcoming.

The purpose of psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is aimed at improving the well-being and mental health of the individual, resolving or alleviating embarrassing behaviors, beliefs, compulsions, thoughts or emotions, and improving social relationships and skills.

Through psychotherapy you can:

  • Take control of your life
  • Achieve personal growth and development
  • Improve the quality of your relationships
  • Feel more confident and live at your full potential
  • Limit the effects of negative life events
  • Regain well-being and balance
  • Achieve or regain a sense of happiness in your life

What does the first visit to a psychotherapist look like?

At the first visit the psychotherapist makes the therapeutic agreement with the patient to clarify key points about the sessions. In the contract the patient together with the therapist determine what the meetings will look like, what frequency they should have, what the anticipated period of psychotherapy can be, etc.

We invite you to consultations during which our psychotherapist will support you in particular stages of therapy. In our counseling center in Warsaw there are experienced psychotherapists who can be trusted. Feel free to contact us and obtain additional information.


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