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11 October 2021

What Does the First Visit to a Dietician Look Like? Is it worth choosing? Do you have to prepare for it?

28 September 2021

If you want to feel better every day, bring the principles of self-care into your life! Not sure where to start? Read our new post: Self-Care – Take Care of Yourself.

8 September 2021

What is the Body Positive trend? Is it worth pursuing ideals and what can the consequences be?

3 August 2021

What does a relationship crisis look like and what causes it? How to talk with each other and how to overcome it? More in the text: Relationship Crisis – What does it look like? How to survive it?

11 June 2021

Grief after loss – What is it and how to deal with it? How long does mourning last and what are its stages? What is deferred grief and how can therapy help in grief?

11 May 2021

What is female sexuality? How to pursue your sexual fantasies and talk about them? How to achieve sexual satisfaction? Read about it in Beata Rożek’s article entitled Winding roads of female pleasure

16 April 2021

Do you suspect your child may have gender identity problems? Not sure what gender dysphoria is? Read on for how to deal with these situations: Forming Femininity and Masculinity in Children and Adolescents

2 April 2021

On Easter (April 4) and Lana Monday (April 5), our Clinic will be closed. We wish everyone a Happy Easter!

29 March 2021

We encourage you to read the article Detox Diet at Home – How to Safely Carry It Out and What to Remember? The article also describes what form of detoxification of the body should be chosen and how to prepare for it.

26 March 2021

In the current pandemic situation, we would like to inform you that the Clinic remains open and we invite you to consult us all the time, both in the office and in a remote form.

11 March 2021

What Does the First Visit to a Sexologist Look Like? – What can a sexologist ask about during the first visit? How to prepare for the meeting and what to expect from sex therapy?

5 March 2021

Psychological Therapy – what is it and when is it effective?

23 February 2021

The nutrition of a pregnant or postpartum woman is important for the proper development of the child. What should you pay attention to? More on this topic in the article: Diet for Pregnant and Postpartum Women – Take Care of Your Family’s Health.

16 February 2021

Gender Identity Development in Children – How does this process work and what problems does it face?

9 February 2021

We have introduced the possibility for the patient to sign up for an appointment at our Clinic (both for an appointment at the Clinic and for on-line, telephone or e-mail consultations) via the form on our website. Just click on the link: Schedule an appointment (also available in the menu at the top of the screen).

2 February 2021

Defense Mechanisms – Dissociation, Repression and Displacement – they allow us to deal with life traumas. Do you know how your body defends itself against painful thoughts?

21 January 2021

Procrastination in Children – What to do when a child repeatedly avoids duties or when it is difficult to convince the child to study or to do homework?

12 January 2021

We recommend a new article on the method of the so-called mindful eating, the author of which is Agnieszka Łaniewska – Can Mindful Eating Help You Lose Weight?

8 January 2021

A deep relationship between partners is the key to a successful relationship. How to build a strong relationship and avoid problems? Interesting article to read: How to Deepen Your Relationship.

30 December 2020

On December 31 (New Year’s Eve), our Clinic will be open until 1:00 PM, and on January 1, it will be closed. We wish you all the best in the New Year!

28 December 2020

What does the purpose of psychotherapy depend on? In what situations can a professional psychotherapist help you? – we give answers to these questions in the article: What is the Purpose of Psychotherapy?

23 December 2020

On Christmas Eve (December 24), the Clinic will be open until 12:00 and will be closed on the first and second day of Christmas (December 25 and 26). We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

21 December 2020

Is it difficult for you to form close relationships? Are afraid of getting closer? You may have a fear of intimacy. Check how to get rid of it: Fear of Intimacy – How Can You Deal With It?

15 December 2020

Do you want to make an appointment with a dietician online? Check what it looks like, what to prepare and when you can make an appointment: Dietician Online – What Does the Session Look Like?

9 December 2020

If you are struggling with low mood during autumn and winter, don’t let it grow into depression! Check how to fight malaise: Low mood as a result of the lack of sunlight – useful tips.

30 November 2020

What Does the First Visit to a Child Sexologist Look Like? – If you want to consult a child sexologist, find out what the visit will look like.

23 November 2020

Skin, hair and nails – what to eat to keep them in good condition? How to avoid dietary mistakes, especially when losing weight?

17 November 2020

Problems of Adolescence – What problems are young people struggling with? Can they be prevented? How can you help a teenager struggling with puberty?

13 November 2020

Is procrastination a result of laziness? What else can cause it? How to fight it and where to go for professional help?

9 November 2020

We invite you to read the article Puberty and sexuality, written by Marta Zielińska.

5 November 2020

What is avitaminosis and how is it diagnosed? How to prevent vitamin deficiency in your body? Find out more by reading the article: Avitaminosis – Take Care of a Balanced Diet.

26 October 2020

How to Deal with Chronic Stress – What is chronic stress? How to fight it? Is a visit to a psychologist always necessary?

21 October 2020

Diet for anemia – how should it look like? Products with a high iron content are essential. Read about how to eat and what to avoid.

16 October 2020

Sexual life in the age of the Internet – How is it changing? What are the directions of internet sexual activity? What is the role of cybersex? You can read about it in the article by Marcin Walicki.

6 October 2020

Trying for a baby and Problems with Sex – What are the most common causes of sex problems when trying to conceive? How to overcome them?

25 September 2020

We recommend the new article Sexual Satisfaction, written by Piotr Stasialovich. In the article you will find the answers, how to define sexual satisfaction and how it affects the overall satisfaction with life.

22 September 2020

Are you considering switching to a vegan diet? Regardless of your reasons – it is worth knowing thoroughly all the advantages and disadvantages of a plant-based diet. Read more in the article Vegan Diet – Advantages and Disadvantages.

14 September 2020

Frustration, stress and aggression – How to deal with isolation? How to overcome frustration and use isolation for inner development? How to deal with stress?

7 September 2020

Child Development Disorders – we publish an article on symptoms that may indicate developmental disorders in children.

26 August 2020

You do not know how to eat healthy while working from home to feel good and have the strength to act? Check which products will be the best.

21 August 2020

Are you wondering what the first visit to a psychotherapist looks like? In this text, we explain what to expect form the first meeting with a psychotherapist and what question he may ask you.

17 August 2020

Depression – what is it and is it always easy to diagnose? What are the signs and symptoms of depression? What are the types of depressive disorders? How is depression treated?

13 August 2020

In the article Diet for Diabetes, we try to explain what foods to eat and what foods to avoid to stop the development of diabetes.

6 August 2020

Sexual Development in Children – what are completely normal behaviors of a child and which should make us worry? When and how to react?

25 July 2020

We have changed the layout of our website. We hope that it will be more friendly and functional in the new version!

22 July 2020

Diet for overweight people – In this article, we discuss the basic principles of fighting obesity and dietary recommendations for people fighting overweight.

17 July 2020

Our Clinic has a new, easier to remember telephone number: 500 504 600.

9 July 2020

How to Resolve Conflicts in a Relationship – What are the causes of conflicts in a relationship? What can you do to prevent them? When is it worth to start a therapy for couples?

26 June 2020

Hyperactivity in Children – that topic raises concerns of many parents. Check its causes, methods of treatment and when to get help from a psychologist.

25 June 2020

What is sexual aversion? What are its symptoms? What factors can cause sexual aversion disorder? How should it be treated? – we recommend you reading the article Sexual Aversion by Michał Kopeć.

19 June 2020

Diet for Athletes – What dietary principles should you follow? What are the main nutritional goals of each athlete? We give some advice!

17 June 2020

Michał Kopeć joins our Team! He is a psychologist and sexologist who works with patients experiencing difficulties related to sexuality (sexual dysfunctions, sexual preference disorders, relationship difficulties and others). Read more in the TEAM section.

10 June 2020

Our Clinic will be closed tomorrow (June 11) due to the feast of Corpus Christi. However, on the following days of the extended weekend we work normally.

8 June 2020

Sexual Orientation in Children – in this article we try to explain: What factors influence it? What is the best approach to it? When is it recommended to go to a child sexologist?

5 June 2020

Pornography addiction – What is it? When does it start and how do you know that you are addicted? How to fight addiction to pornography?

20 May 2020

Shyness in children – What factors are increasing it? In what situations you should consider discussing it with a psychologist?

15 May 2020

In the article Quarantine and depression we discuss the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on our psyche. Depression is not afraid of quarantine! It is worth asking for help from a psychologist if you notice symptoms of this disease in yourself or in your loved one.

13 May 2020

Many people ask so we answer: What is the first session with a psychologist like? The article describes what happens during the session and how to make a decision about therapy.

7 May 2020

We publish the article Excessive interest in sexuality in children – it concerns disorders in the child’s psychosexual development and answers questions about what sexual behavior in children should worry the parent.

2 May 2020

We are pleased to inform you that in our Clinic you can already pay by credit card, contactless by phone or using blik.

30 April 2020

During the long weekend our Clinic will be closed on May 1 (Friday) and May 3 (Sunday) while open on May 2 (Saturday). However, all this time we will be at your disposal receiving calls and e-mails.

15 April 2020

Healthy Eating for Kids – What principles should be followed? What should children eat and which products should be avoided?

10 April 2020

On Easter Sunday and Easter Monday (April 12-13) our Clinic will be closed. We wish you all the best for Easter!

3 April 2020

We publish a new article Types of Emotional Crisis by Anna Ciucias, on the following topics: Who can be affected by the emotional crisis? What are its causes? What are its consequences? How and where to look for help?

31 March 2020

We publish a new article Delayed Ejaculation by Karolina Rosłan, including, among other things, answers to following questions: What is delayed ejaculation? What are the symptoms? What are the reasons for its occurrence? How can delayed ejaculation be treated?

30 March 2020

Due to the increasing demand for remote consultations (via Skype, by phone or by E-mail) we have implemented easier method for making bank transfers for these consultations. Thanks to the Przelewy24.pl platform you can now easily do it by clicking on the link that we send you by e-mail after making an appointment. More details: COUNSELING ON-LINE.

18 March 2020

What is psychotherapy? In this article we answer following questions: Why would you see a psychotherapist? How can psychotherapy help? What are the types of psychotherapy?

11 March 2020

Diet for Underweight People – How should it look like? What eating habits will help you gain weight? What are the causes of underweight?

3 March 2020

Infidelity Issues – in this new article we try to answer the questions: Why do people cheat? When is a relationship exposed to betrayal? How to deal with it? Is it possible to improve the relationship after infidelity?

24 February 2020

We welcome a new member of our team – Marta Zielińska, who conducts psychological consultations and counseling. She works with patients individually as well as with couples and with children and adolescents. More on her specialization and experience in the TEAM subpage.

13 February 2020

Masturbation Addiction – What is it? What addiction symptoms should make you worry? How can you effectively combat masturbation addiction?

28 January 2020

We publish a new article Vaginismus – an embarrassing problem that can be overcome – inside we give you answers to following questions: What is the difference between primary and secondary, psychoemotional and organic vaginismus? How can you overcome this problem and where to look for help?

16 January 2020

What are eating disorders in children? What symptoms parents should never ignore? What should we do when eating disorders affect our child? We answer these questions in the article Eating Disorders in Children.

7 January 2020

In the new article Exhibitionism in children we try to give the answers to following questions: What are the reasons of exhibitionism in children? What to do when a child undresses in a public place? When a visit to a child sexologist is recommended?

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