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Marcin Drzewiecki
psychologist, psychotherapist, sexologist

In his work he uses methods of cognitive-behavioral current.

He conducts psychological and sexological counseling and therapy for sexual dysfunction. He works with both individual patients as well as couples and conducts a couples therapy.

He also deals with crisis interventions and prophylaxis and therapy of stress and addiction.

Marta Zielińska
psychologist, sexologist

She conducts psychological and sexological consultations as well as psychoeducation and sexual education. Se works with adults and couples. She also consults parents who are concerned about the sexual behavior of their younger or teenage children and who want to consciously and actively support their healthy psychosexual development.

In her work, she is focusing primarily on difficulties or discomfort experienced by a patient, striving to improve the quality of life and relationships.

Michał Kopeć
psychologist, sexologist

He works with patients experiencing difficulties related to sexuality (sexual dysfunction, sexual preference disorders, relationship difficulties and others). He also works with patients who identify as LGBTQIA+, with whom he works to accept or define their sexual orientation or gender identification, and to deal with minority stress.

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