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Group Therapy Warsaw

Group psychotherapy helps, among other things:
  • become aware of your behavior in dealing with people,
  • get to know your strengths and weaknesses better,
  • identify behaviors that cause unwanted reactions from the environment.

At Poradnia Harmonia we offer professional help to people who cannot cope with contacts with other people, which affects all aspects of their lives. Group therapy is an effective form of combating problems that are difficult to deal with alone or with the help of individual therapy. Despite the fact that the classes are held in a group, each patient can feel comfortable and safe during them.

Our office is located in the center of Warsaw – at the intersection of Aleja Jana Pawła II, ul. Chałubiński and Al. Jerozolimskie. The Warszawa Centralna railway station and Metro Rondo ONZ and Metro Centrum metro stations are very close. Thanks to this, you can easily reach us both by car and by public transport.

What is group therapy?

Group therapy is one of the forms of psychological help. It is an alternative to individual psychotherapy, in which close contact, instead of with one person, is with a whole group of people led by one or two psychotherapists. The work style of group psychotherapists is adjusted adequately to the needs of the group. What are the benefits of participating in group therapy? Who should use it? Check!

Group therapy is a form of treatment through contact with more people who are struggling with similar problems. Some may wonder what the point of participating in group treatment is when individual therapy is possible. It turns out that psychological problems may have their source in relationships with other people and manifest themselves in these relationships. Thanks to group therapy, you can get to know yourself and other people and see the relationships that connect us with them. Thus, group members can benefit from each other.

Group therapy - goals

The basic goals of therapy in the group are the same as for individual therapy. The most important are:

  • reduction or complete elimination of symptoms,
  • favorable changes in the personality structure,
  • changes in behavior, thinking and experiencing,
  • improvement in functioning in interpersonal relations.

Thanks to the therapy, the patient understands the causes of his problems better and is able to deal with them on his own.

Therapeutic groups - what are they?

There are different types of therapeutic groups, so everyone can join one that meets their expectations in every respect. They differ in duration, psychotherapeutic current, in which they are conducted, and the purpose of the meetings.


Due to the possibility of joining during the therapy, the following are distinguished:

  • semi-open / open groups – new participants may join up to a certain point or throughout the course of therapy;
  • closed groups – no one can join during the therapy, everyone starts and ends it together.

Purpose of the meetings

Due to the purpose of the meeting, there is a division into:

  • therapeutic groups – their task is to reduce symptoms and change the patient’s personality structures that have had a negative impact on his life;
  • support / dedicated groups – their goal is to provide mutual support and help in the fight against similar problems.

Therapeutic trend

The groups are run in various therapeutic trends. The most commonly used are:

  • psychodynamic currents,
  • cognitive-behavioral trend,
  • systemic trend.

What are the indications for taking part in group therapy?

There are many techniques and forms of therapy available, and which one should join depends generally on the diagnosis of psychopathology and environmental conditions. Consequently, a consultation process takes place first, during which the psychotherapist makes a diagnosis and selects the best type of therapy.

The indications for participation in therapy in a group include:

  • psychosomatic disorders,
  • mood disorders
  • neurotic disorders,
  • personality disorders.

The results of the therapy can be obtained only if you join the appropriate group. It is also important that the patient shows up at regular appointments. If this is not possible, individual therapy may be a better choice for him.

Is group therapy with other people effective?

As you know, each case is different, so it is difficult to say before starting treatment whether group therapy will help to deal with specific problems. The fact is, however, that the strength of the interpersonal area in a group of several people is greater than in the case of individual work with a therapist. You can enter into various relationships in a group, which is not possible in individual therapy. The patient is therefore forced to find himself in a new situation and learn to deal with the feelings he experiences, e.g. shyness, fear, aggression or anger. In other words, group therapy has a much greater potential for a one-on-one meeting with a psychotherapist.

Group psychotherapy Warsaw - when is it worth signing up?

We encourage those who have received a recommendation or a referral from a specialist for such therapy to make an appointment at the Harmonia Clinic in Warsaw. The use of this form of help should also be considered by people who have noticed disturbing symptoms that make everyday life difficult and with whom they would like to learn to fight, and group psychotherapy with the participation of an experienced psychologist from Warsaw seems to them the most appropriate form of therapy for this. In case of doubts as to what type of therapy to choose, our specialists will provide professional advice.

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