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Addiction and Co-addiction Therapy Warsaw

Psychotherapy helps, among other things:
  • stop the progression of the disease and take control of the addiction,
  • work out ways of coping with all levels of life,
  • organize your affairs and solve problems,
  • improve the quality of life.

At Poradnia Harmonia we offer professional help in the fight against addiction. Our specialists use modern forms of treatment that, with appropriate commitment, can bring visible results. We take care of each patient and make sure that everyone not only receives professional help, but also feels safe with us.

You will find us in the center of Warsaw – at the intersection of Aleja Jana Pawła II, ul. Chałubiński and Al. Jerozolimskie. The Warszawa Centralna railway station as well as Metro Rondo ONZ and Metro Centrum metro stations are nearby. This guarantees easy access both by car and by public transport.

Addiction treatment - what is it?

Alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction and any other addiction have a destructive effect on the addict – it has a negative impact on his life, destroys relationships with loved ones. It is difficult to break free from it, but the most important thing is to have enough strength and self-denial to take up this fight at all. First of all, for himself, but also for a partner, children or other family members who may be co-dependent. How can you recognize a co-addiction and when to seek help? What is addiction treatment?

The main goal of addiction therapy is to free the patient from addiction. The assumption is that after undergoing treatment, the patient will never again use alcohol, will not use a given psychoactive substance or will stop practicing a certain behavior.

During treatment, the psychotherapist uses various forms of psychotherapy, adapting them to the current needs of the patient. At the initial stage, especially when the patient is diagnosed with mood disorders, pharmacotherapy may also be used.

Addiction therapy has one goal – to reduce the harmful effects of the patient’s addiction. Thanks to this, he will be able to regain control over his life and return to normal functioning in society.

What can you become addicted to?

Contrary to appearances, you can become addicted to many things, and not only adults, but also children are exposed to addiction. That is why it is worth being aware of the threats that await us.

Probably the most dangerous and at the same time the most destructive effect on the body are addictions related to the use of addictive substances. Addiction can be caused by substances such as ethyl alcohol, opioids, nicotine, heroin, morphine, but also sleeping pills, psychotropic drugs and some steroids.

Man can also become addicted to various activities and behaviors. In this case, particular attention should be paid to gambling, computer games, shopping, television, pornography and sex. Both substance and behavior addiction require treatment.

Codependency - what is it?

Co-addiction is said to be when someone close to the addict functioned in a difficult and destructive situation related to the addict’s pathological behavior for so long that he got used to it and began to subordinate his life to him. A codependent person adjusts his behavior and even the rhythm of the day to the addicted person. He gives up his own plans, dreams or self-realization and adjusts everything to someone. In addition, it justifies pathological behavior, sometimes even unconsciously helping to remain stuck in addiction. Codependency most often affects a spouse or partner.

How to recognize co-addiction?

While it is generally not difficult to say that someone has become addicted to something, to notice that a loved one has become co-addicted, yes. Common symptoms that indicate this include:

  • poor self-esteem,
  • concentration of behavior, feelings and even thoughts on the addict’s behavior,
  • limitation and tormenting by bad habits of the addict,
  • looking for excuses for bad behavior of an addict,
  • hiding the addiction problem from others,
  • taking control of the addiction,
  • taking responsibility for bad behavior of an addict,
  • taking over the duties of an addict.

Addiction therapy Warsaw - when is it worth considering?

You can’t force anyone to undergo therapy. Addiction treatment is fully voluntary, so the addicted person must be aware of the seriousness of his problem and seek help. In this case, it is worth bearing in mind your own good, but also the good of your relatives, who may not be addicted to such a large extent, but also ruin your life.

Addiction therapy is recommended primarily when someone cannot cope with an addiction – cannot refuse to drink alcohol or is unable to resign from visiting the casino. When such behavior affects contacts with relatives and negatively affects the quality of work or led to its loss.

Addiction treatment Warsaw

We encourage everyone who wants to get professional help in the field of addiction treatment and co-addicts to make an appointment at the Harmonia Clinic in Warsaw. Visiting a visit is the first step to deal with the addiction, get rid of destructive behavior and regain control over your own fate. It is never too late to fight an addiction, and a psychologist from Warsaw can help. Although it will not be easy, it is still worth it.

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