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Family Therapy Warsaw

Family psychotherapy helps, among other things:
  • help identify problems that the family is struggling with,
  • improve family communication,
  • resolve conflicts and develop better relationships,
  • increase sensitivity to the feelings and needs of other family members

At Poradnia Harmonia, we offer professional psychological help to families who, for some reason, cannot communicate with each other. We use modern techniques thanks to which we are able to identify the problem and help solve it. Thanks to the right approach, everyone can feel safe and comfortable with us.

We are located in the center of Warsaw – at the intersection of Aleja Jana Pawła II, ul. Chałubiński and Al. Jerozolimskie. The Warszawa Centralna railway station and Metro Rondo ONZ and Metro Centrum metro stations are nearby. The location in the center of the capital guarantees easy access by car or public transport.

Family psychotherapy - what is it?

In every family there are conflicts and crises that result from differences in views, needs or priorities between its members. After all, we are all different, so it’s perfectly normal that we just don’t get along sometimes. However, if family quarrels are frequent, no one wants to compromise, and with each successive quarrel the atmosphere grows thicker, family therapy may be the solution. Find out what such therapy is and what effects it gives.

Family therapy is one of the forms of psychological help intended for families. Joint psychotherapy is to help identify problems faced by people close to each other and indicate their causes. All family members are involved in the conversation with the psychotherapist. During the meetings, they talk about the difficulties they encounter in their mutual relations.

Psychotherapy, in which all family members participate, is based on the assumption that the family creates a system. When one of the elements of the system, i.e. one person, has any problems, it has a negative impact on the others, which causes conflicts and misunderstandings. Considering the problems of one family member is not always sufficient. Sometimes you have to look at how the whole system works and only then you can determine what is wrong with it.

What are the indications for family psychotherapy?

Relatives should use the help of a psychotherapist when there are frequent quarrels, conflicts and misunderstandings between them. When the cause of these problems is difficult to identify, which makes it impossible to eliminate it, and when the causes of them are known, but still difficult to deal with.

Families most often come to therapy when their members:

  • are experiencing a crisis caused by a difficult event,
  • have difficulties with mutual recognition of needs,
  • there are communication problems,
  • they lack closeness, mutual support and understanding,
  • they do not feel connected with each other,
  • they are constantly arguing with each other,
  • do not show willingness to contact each other,
  • they cannot communicate with each other even in simple matters,
  • have a problem accepting the new situation they find themselves in.

When else is it worth thinking about joint therapy?

The family should use the help of a psychotherapist also when:

  • there are educational problems with children,
  • one of the family members has an emotional or personality problem,
  • your child has an eating disorder
  • the child exhibits self-destructive behavior,
  • one of the family members fell ill with a serious illness,
  • one of the family members has a problem with alcohol,
  • the child rebels, plays truant and misbehaves,
  • the spouses do not get along with each other and are thinking about divorce.

Methods of family therapy

There are various methods of therapeutic work that can be used in family therapy. The psychotherapist adjusts them to the individual needs of the family. The most frequently used methods of conducting psychotherapy among families are:

  • psychoanalytic family therapy,
  • behavioral family therapy,
  • structural family therapy,
  • family communication therapy,
  • family therapy based on experience.

Family therapies Warsaw and their effects

Many probably wonder if family therapies make sense at all. Joint therapy can bring many benefits, including improving the functioning of the family, there is only one condition – everyone must be involved in it to the same extent. Each family member should approach it with the same attitude, be open, honest and cooperative. Otherwise, the results may not be as satisfactory as expected.

Family psychotherapy Warsaw

Constant quarrels in the family do not allow you to function normally? Are you still offended by each other and don’t feel like spending time together? Are you unable to cope with the problem or situation you are in? This is a good time to think about joint therapy. Family psychotherapy is one of the forms of therapy conducted at the Harmonia Clinic in Warsaw, therefore we encourage you to make an appointment for a consultation. With a little willingness and commitment of each of the family members, thanks to a psychologist from Warsaw, you will deal with the problem together, thus regaining peace and harmony.

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