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Treatment of Depression Warsaw

Psychotherapy helps, among other things:
  • observe and understand your mood and emerging emotions;
  • deal with anxiety and sleep disorders;
  • improve your self-esteem, learn to respect and love yourself;
  • change your negative mindset to a more supportive one;
  • regain a sense of control over your life;
  • understand your interpersonal relationships and how you function in them;
  • regain joy and satisfaction thanks to self-esteem.

Poradnia Harmonia offers support to people struggling with depression. Our therapists adjust an individual treatment plan for each patient. The therapist focuses on you, your needs and helps you understand the course of the disease. Together, you can develop a supportive mindset that will help you regain satisfaction, self-confidence, and the joy of life.

We are located in the heart of Warsaw – at the junction of Aleja Jana Pawła II, ul. Chałubiński and Aleje Jerozolimskie. Our offices are located close to the Warszawa Centralna railway station and the metro stations: Metro Centrum and Metro Rondo ONZ. When arriving by car, you can park along Aleje Jerozolimskie and Nowogrodzka.

How to distinguish depression from a depressive episode?

Depression is the most serious mood disorder. Constant sadness, unwillingness, a sense of helplessness, loss of hope and withdrawal from all spheres of life are typical features of her. However, it is worth distinguishing it from the usual mood drop and the so-called depressive episodes. In the treatment of the disease, apart from pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy plays a key role.

A depressive episode lasts longer than 2 weeks, but less than a few months. Depression, on the other hand, is said to be a condition that persists. In both cases, the symptoms are the same, that is, the person:

  • feels sad, unwilling, apathetic;
  • loses interest in the current affairs;
  • is no longer enjoying the things that have made her happy so far;
  • neglects his daily life, e.g. professional duties, hygiene, social contacts;
  • retreats;
  • has a strong sense of guilt and helplessness;
  • has impaired cognitive functions such as concentration and memory;
  • has slow movements.

Depression is often accompanied by sleep disturbances and anxiety disorders. Mood swings, irritability, decreased self-esteem, and loss of the ability to feel positive emotions are typical. Sometimes they are joined by thoughts of suicide.

How to cure depression?

Treatment of depression is always two-fold. The first key ingredient is psychotherapy, and the second is taking the right medications to alleviate symptoms and improve mood.

Treating depression with the support of a psychotherapist is primarily about building a relationship. A person must feel safe and comfortable, have space to express himself, his thoughts, and feelings. No guilt, no shame or fear of judgment.

Patients often share traumatic experiences and unpleasant experiences, which is why the role of the therapist is so important. It helps you get through these events, learn forgiveness and acceptance.

Working through this stage is the most important and difficult part of the whole therapy. When a patient begins to heal, he learns new patterns of behavior. Particular emphasis is placed on getting rid of unsupporting thoughts and treating yourself with love. During therapy, the patient also goes through the psychoeducation stage in order to better understand his illness. These are components of Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

The choice of the appropriate form of therapy depends on many individual factors and the underlying cause of depression. The elements of psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral therapy are most often combined.

Depression treatment Warsaw

If you or someone close to you suffer from depression, treatment should start immediately. It is a disorder that almost excludes you from life. The sick person withdraws and closes in on himself. He gives up his professional tasks, relationships, his own goals. He plunges into sadness and hopelessness. Such overwhelming and guilt feelings often result in a suicide attempt. Therefore, act immediately!

However, remember that effective treatment requires the willingness and commitment of the sick person.

In our offices, we make sure to create comfortable conditions for everyone suffering from depression. Treatment and the selection of the appropriate therapy are individually tailored to everyone, and we discuss the entire support process during the initial consultations. We put your well-being and health in the first place!

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2 April 2021

On Easter (April 4) and Lana Monday (April 5), our Clinic will be closed. We wish everyone a Happy Easter!

26 March 2021

In the current pandemic situation, we would like to inform you that the Clinic remains open and we invite you to consult us all the time, both in the office and in a remote form.

9 February 2021

We have introduced the possibility for the patient to sign up for an appointment at our Clinic (both for an appointment at the Clinic and for on-line, telephone or e-mail consultations) via the form on our website. Just click on the link: Schedule an appointment (also available in the menu at the top of the screen).

30 December 2020

On December 31 (New Year’s Eve), our Clinic will be open until 1:00 PM, and on January 1, it will be closed. We wish you all the best in the New Year!

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