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Marriage Counseling Warsaw

Marriage counseling helps, among other things:
  • understand each other,
  • get to know your and your partner’s needs,
  • build a new way of communication,
  • find the cause of relationship problems,
  • raise the level of satisfaction and satisfaction with the relationship.

Poradnia Harmonia offers support to couples who want to mend their relationships. The therapist creates a safe space in which the spouses can gradually get to know each other, understand the behavior and patterns of the relationship.

We are located in the very center of Warsaw, at the intersection of Aleja Jana Pawła II, ul. Chałubiński and Al. Jerozolimskie. We are close to the Warszawa Centralna railway station, as well as metro stations: Metro Rondo ONZ and Metro Centrum. If you are coming to us by car, you can park along Jerozolimskie Avenue and Nowogrodzka Street, and in the Pasaż Braci Łopieńskich car park. Thanks to the convenient location, you can easily find us!

Marriage counseling - Is relationship crisis normal?

Conflicts and crises in relationships are commonplace. Two people who find their lives together face various difficulties. They may result from external factors, e.g. shared financial problems, or psychological aspects, e.g. different emotional needs. In such a situation, it is very easy to worsen the relationship between the spouses. In order to save their relationship, more and more couples are opting for additional support, which is the help of a psychotherapist.

The functioning of a relationship is often perceived through the prism of the first feelings – love, passion, heat. When these emotions subside a bit and routine begins to creep into the relationship, many couples recognize that “something has gone wrong”.

Meanwhile, a lasting and satisfying relationship requires constant work and care from both partners. Relying on the elation of the first stages of a relationship is disappointing – which does not mean that you should stop cultivating passion or tenderness in the relationship. On the contrary.

The three components of love - How to understand your feelings for your partner?

Psychologists distinguish three components of love: intimacy, passion, commitment. At each stage of the relationship, the dynamics of these elements change.

  1. Intimacy is made up of all the factors that build a bond between partners (common goals, support, conversations, tenderness).
  2. Passion, on the other hand, is the shortest and appears in the initial stages of a relationship. It results from the desire felt for the partner (strong desire to be together, longing, need for physical contact).
  3. Commitment, on the other hand, is the conscious part – partners know that they want to be together and the reasons for it.

The most common features of marriage are intimacy and commitment. When partners create a relationship solely on the basis of commitment (the reason may be, for example, children or shared credit), numerous tensions, conflicts and often a lack of willingness to understand the other person arise.

The mutual dynamics of these components means that feelings towards a partner may take on a slightly different character. Initially, it may be a sense of the so-called “Falling in love” and desires, which over time turn into a feeling of strong bond, security and love.

The intensity of these emotions can drop, which is quite natural. Being aware of this process helps the spouses to make a decision about how to fix the relationship.

Marriage counseling - when to use it?

Marriage counseling is a good solution for spouses who have stopped understanding each other, and their communication is based on constant tensions or quarrels. There may also be withdrawal or indifference on the part of one (or both) partners.

Couples experiencing a crisis often choose marriage therapy, as a result of, among others:

  • betrayals,
  • monotony in the relationship and feelings of “burnout” in the relationship,
  • sexual problems,
  • differences in raising children or a shared vision of the future.

Marriage counseling also works well for all couples who want to increase the level of satisfaction in their marriage and understand each other better.

Marriage counseling - what is it like?

The course of the entire therapy is determined at the beginning with a psychotherapist. After the initial conversation with the participants, the specialist collects an extensive interview and sets, together with the couple, goals to be achieved, e.g. improving communication.

Sessions are held regularly, usually once a week, and last about 50-60 minutes. In order for the therapeutic process to be effective and bring the desired results, both partners must be willing and committed. The spouses must together feel the need and willingness to repair the relationship.

Marriage counseling - what are the results?

The result of marital therapy depends primarily on the partners. The therapist is only an intermediary who helps the spouses understand each other and their relationship.

Thanks to his support, the spouses can:

  • get to know each other’s needs and expectations,
  • work out compromises,
  • create a new way of communication.

Importantly, marriage counseling does not prevent divorce. If one of the parties is committed to ending the relationship, then therapeutic work is not undertaken because the most important aspect is missing – the willingness of both parties.

Marriage therapies Warsaw - how to choose a therapist?

At the Harmonia clinic, psychologists-sexologists conduct marriage counseling. Thanks to this, the therapist helps the partners to comprehensively understand their needs – both psychologically and sexually. With the joint involvement of the spouses, the therapy allows them to work out compromises and get to know each other again.

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