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    Masturbation Addiction

    Masturbation Addiction

    Masturbation Addiction

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    Masturbation is an embarrassing topic that is not talked about much. Meanwhile, it is a natural, healthy and common phenomenon that brings a lot of health benefits. Masturbation allows you to relieve sexual tension, reduces stress and improves your mood. Thanks to it, we discover the needs of our own body and reactions to various activities. However, the problem arises when it comes to masturbation addiction. Compulsive masturbation affects many aspects of life and interferes with normal functioning. What is masturbation addiction and how to deal with it? we answer!

    Masturbation Addiction - What is it?

    Masturbation is the self-stimulation of one’s own genitals for sexual arousal. It is a natural and healthy behavior that brings pleasure and positively affects health and well-being. It is not a problem even if someone decides to masturbate with a little more frequency. However, sometimes it gets out of control.

    Masturbation addiction appears when we are unable to refrain from it. The impulse to it is the desire to satisfy a strong need, and it can appear even despite experiencing unpleasant emotions, such as anxiety, embarrassment, a sense of shame. Then masturbation is used to relieve discomfort, not to feel pleasure. Addiction to masturbation is a mental disorder that causes deterioration of the quality of life, both socially and professionally.

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    Symptoms of masturbation addiction

    Compulsive masturbation manifests itself in the neglect of important things such as work or study, as well as social and romantic relationships. Although the addict realizes that compulsive masturbation has a negative impact on his life, he is unable to control it and refrain from it.

    With masturbation addiction, there is a constant feeling of compulsion. Such a person loves this activity to the point that he prefers it to sex with another person. The discussed behavior takes place from several to even a dozen or so times a day.

    The characteristic symptoms of masturbation addiction are primarily:

    • a feeling of compulsion to constantly masturbate,
    • constantly feeling a huge desire to masturbate,
    • masturbating outside the home, in inappropriate places, including public places,
    • treating masturbation as the only way to relieve stress or bad emotions,
    • hindered normal functioning,
    • feeling guilty or ashamed after each masturbation,
    • difficulty reaching orgasm during sex with a partner,
    • masturbation combined with viewing pornography.

    If you notice the above symptoms, it is worth making an appointment with a sexologist who can diagnose and treat masturbation addiction.

    Compulsive masturbation - effects

    Addiction to masturbation can have negative effects in various spheres of life. The most important consequences of compulsive masturbation include:

    • emotional and mental suffering,
    • feeling guilty about your behavior,
    • skin irritation in the area of intimate places,
    • deterioration of the relationship with the partner,
    • performance problem during sex,
    • lack of pleasure during sex,
    • difficulties in functioning among people.

    Masturbation often goes hand in hand with viewing pornography. Addicts in this case achieve stronger arousal and desire, and are characterized by compulsive masturbation in response to pornography than non-addicts. This means that simultaneous addiction to masturbation and watching pornography leads to excessive sexual excitability and increasing eroticization of various stimuli.

    How to stop masturbating?

    Masturbation addiction is usually very difficult to deal with on your own. However, if we notice a problem and want to try to solve it, it is worth starting with changing your lifestyle and introducing more activities. The idea is to take your free time and devote it to hobbies, sports, cultural events or meeting friends. Physical activity is especially recommended here, which helps to relieve the accumulated tension. With a busy day, there simply won’t be time to think about addiction, much less to deepen it. However, if this approach does not bring improvement, it is worth asking a specialist for help with your problem.

    Treating masturbation addiction

    A sexologist will help determine what is the cause of your masturbation addiction. The key is whether it is to replace the lack of sexual contact, or maybe it is a way to deal with stress, difficult emotions, low self-esteem or some other reason. Then the specialist will implement the appropriate procedure that will help eliminate the source of the problem. If necessary, he will conduct therapy. In addition, he will provide advice and tips on sex life, which will certainly be helpful for the patient when recovering from addiction.


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