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    Masturbation addiction – a trifle or a serious problem?

    Masturbation addiction - a trifle or a serious problem?

    Masturbation addiction – a trifle or a serious problem?

    Masturbation addiction – a trifle or a serious problem? 1024 683 Psycholog Seksuolog Warszawa - Poradnia "HARMONIA"

    Any addiction, whether from drugs, sweets, sports or just masturbation, is a serious problem. Even if, as in the case of masturbation, it leads to a moment of pleasure, it is essentially a difficult and unpleasant matter. It is a pleasure achieved at the cost of deteriorating quality of life in many other respects.

    Can you deal with addiction to masturbation alone? When should you turn to a sexologist for help?

    When satisfaction becomes an obsession

    Masturbation is still a taboo subject and raises a lot of controversy. Few people admit it, the vast majority deny that they masturbate, which makes the statistics seem unreliable. Addiction to cybersex is also becoming a growing problem.

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    In the light of the Christian faith, onanism is a sin, while from a biological point of view it is a natural need to satisfy that every sexually active person feels. Still, it is connected with shame and guilt. It is often referred to as self-abuse, which for obvious reasons has pejorative associations.

    The truth is, however, that there is nothing wrong with wanting to achieve sexual gratification, provided that you do not hurt yourself or others.

    Masturbation becomes a problem when it is manifested no longer by an occasional desire, but by the frequent need to stimulate the genitals when it occurs several times a day, even in adverse circumstances.

    Many will say that thinking about sex often is not a bad thing. It is worth noting here, the masturbation addiction is not the same as a large sexual desire. What happens to a person for whom masturbation goes beyond the norm? Here are the situations that you should worry about:
    • Masturbation becomes the only good way to achieve sexual satisfaction, bypassing a partner with whom you can have sex regularly.
    • The desire to masturbate becomes overwhelming, and the inability to satisfy leads to irritability and discomfort.
    • The desire to masturbate prevails over daily activities and takes a large part of time, while at the same time eliminating plans, it becomes regular and frequent.
    • Masturbacja prowadzi do zaburzeń w codziennym funkcjonowaniu – chęć zaspokajania wymusza przerwy w pracy, staje się ważniejsza niż kontakty międzyludzkie, kiedy wciąż poszukuje się drogi do tego, by się zaspokoić i wszystko zaczyna być podporządkowywane nałogowi.
    • Masturbation leads to disturbances in everyday functioning – the desire to satisfy causes breaks at work, becomes more important than interpersonal contacts and everything begins to be subordinated to addiction.
    • There is masturbation in public places, e.g. at work, at friends’ homes, while shopping, at school.
    • Onanism becomes the overarching thought, hinders focusing on daily activities, weakens emotional ties with loved ones, especially with a sexual partner.

    Addiction destroys the previous life, taking over everything that has been important so far. All other values are lost to addiction.

    Can you deal with masturbation addiction yourself or do you need sexological help? Unfortunately, you rarely win the fight against addiction without the support of a specialist.

    Masturbation addiction – how can you help yourself?

    Fighting addictions should never be a lonely battle. In the case of addiction to masturbation, it is more difficult because the act itself causes shame. So it is not easy to talk about it as something obvious, much less in the context of addiction.

    Nevertheless, the most important thing is awareness of the problem – realizing that frequency of masturbation is outside the norm. It is worth finding a trusted person, who will help and support in getting rid of addiction.

    It would be good to turn to a partner who feels its effects like no other. It is best, however, to contact a specialist in intimate problems who will help from the basics – find the source of addiction and show you how to overcome it.

    It is also important to find a new way to unload your emotions and take up your thoughts, especially in the intervals between visits to the sexologist. It can be physical activity, a new hobby or more frequent meetings with friends. It’s important to fill all your free time with activities so that you stop thinking about masturbation.

    However, the most important are meetings with a sexologist who will help find the causes of compulsive onanism. Perhaps it has a deeper foundation, it only serves to mask a larger problem.

    Specialized help in getting rid of masturbation addiction can be invaluable – this addiction is just as invasive as any other, but with extremely delicate characteristics.

    Professionalism is very important in such a delicate matter, but empathy, which can be provided by an experienced sexologist, is no less important.

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