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    Delayed Ejaculation

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    Delayed Ejaculation

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    Delayed means that ejaculation occurs after a long duration of sexual intercourse. However, as a type of disorder, it means that the criteria for sexual dysfunction are met, so delayed ejaculation manifests itself as a persistent or recurrent difficulty experiencing ejaculation, with the desire for it to occur earlier.

    For this reason, a person, despite sufficient sexual arousal and a full erection, is not able to have a sex life according to his desires. There is a strong relationship between ejaculation and orgasm in men. The prolonged inability to reach this climax of sexual satisfaction causes clear suffering, stress and is the cause of negative emotions or interpersonal problems.

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    Delayed ejaculation – Diagnostics

    When we use the word “delayed”, we refer to a certain norm, in this case the temporal norm. The average duration of sexual intercourse varies depending on age and ranges from 7 to 14 minutes. It is estimated that the delayed ejaculation can be considered to be a stimulation time exceeding 25 minutes (H. Zakliczyńska, Zaburzenia orgazmu u mężczyzn). However, this may depend on many factors. The problem may take a general form – always occur in all situations, or a situational form – variable, depending on the circumstances. An important diagnostic criterion is the duration of the disorder, which must be at least 6 months, the impossibility of assigning dysfunction to other disorders, and the most important: the patient’s suffering or strong dissatisfaction.

    Delayed ejaculation – Etiology

    The reasons for the occurrence of delayed ejaculation can be found in the group of organic (related to biology, human physiology) and psychogenic (related to human psyche) factors.

    The specialist will first recommend excluding organic causes. A visit to a doctor who will perform a physical examination, i.e. the examination of the genitals, and who will conduct an appropriate medical history, is crucial in order to make an appropriate diagnosis, and then choosing the appropriate form of treatment or therapy.

    Organic factors that may be the reason behind delayed ejaculation include endocrine problems, birth defects, surgery, taking medications and narcotics, e.g.:

    • diabetic polyneuropathy
    • hypogonadism
    • Hypothyroidism
    • selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)
    • surgical interventions (bladder, prostate)
    • congenital malformations of the reproductive system
    • alcohol
    • drugs

    In the group of psychogenic factors that may be the cause of delayed ejaculation, we can find a wide range of intrapsychic (related to internal psychological processes of the human), interpersonal, behavioral habits (related to behavior), such as:

    • stress
    • fear of fatherhood
    • fear of judgment
    • excessive control
    • strong religious beliefs
    • low sexual arousal
    • relationship problems, disturbed relationship, sexual mismatch
    • specific masturbation behavior
    • specific sexual preferences

    What next – what does the therapy look like?

    Knowing the true cause of the disorder gives the opportunity to develop an appropriate strategy for working with the patient. Sexual difficulties belong to a very intimate zone and for many people it is difficult to talk about them. When the patient gains trust in the therapist and the therapists develops a relationship with the patient, the patient becomes more open and able to talk about his intimacy, which is neccessary to find out the causes of the problem. Treatment is directed at the cause of the disorder. Starting from checking the organics, medications taken, learning the process of the problem (from when, how long, under what conditions) to the associated thoughts, feelings, relationships with a partner, sexual fantasies.

    It is worth remembering that when you come to the office, you talk to a professional. A person who has specialist knowledge and experience is preparing for conversation on intimate topics. A person who is there to listen, support and provide professional help.

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    Author: Karolina Rosłan

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