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    Sexuality is an innate and natural function of our body. It motivates us to establish relationships with other people. It is of fundamental importance in human life, both in the biological and psychological dimension, as well as for functioning in society.

    Mental and physical aspects of sexuality

    The easiest way to describe human sexuality is in two aspects: mental and physical. Mental, associated with the feeling of pleasure in contact with a partner. Physical related to the readiness of the genitals to have sexual intercourse.

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    Sometimes the physical aspect may seem more important than the mental one. For men, the primary goal is to achieve an erection that will allow them to have a satisfying relationship. Women are worried about the level of excitement, and thus the appropriate level of moisture in the vagina, so that they will not feel pain during the intercourse. Anyway, the very word “sexuality”, which comes from the Latin “sexus” (gender), in a way enhances this biological, physical aspect of sexuality.

    However, both aspects of sexuality (physical and mental) are inseparable. One cannot exist without the other, they are intertwined with each other, influencing each other. Mature relationship between partners includes not only physical contact, but also the emotional bond between them.

    Often, without visiting a specialist, it is difficult to determine for yourself what is the real cause of the difficulty. The decisive factor in satisfying both partners is the interplay of both physical and mental aspects. Unresolved conflicts between partners, understatements, lack of confidence or shame will constitute a barrier to achieving sexual satisfaction. Building a warm and intimate relationship based on empathy, tolerance and acceptance requires time and commitment.

    Therapy conducted by a sexologist, through understanding your and your partner’s feelings, needs, and fears, helps in solving problems of a sexual nature and in finding lost satisfaction in sexual life.

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