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    How to Improve Your Sex Life

    How to Improve Your Sex Life

    How to Improve Your Sex Life Psycholog Seksuolog Warszawa - Poradnia "HARMONIA"

    Sexuality is one of the key aspects of human life, both physically and mentally. Successful intercourse is fundamental to achieving life satisfaction. The lack of sexual intercourse or deficiencies of it can negatively affect life satisfaction as such.

    How to improve your sex life?

    There are some relatively simple ways that you can try for a start:

    1. Enrich your relationship – think about paying enough attention to your partner. A trip to the cinema, a walk or a romantic dinner will deepen your relationship, give you a good basis for open conversations.

    2. Talk to your partner about your needs, fantasies – at the beginning such a conversation may seem difficult, but over time you will find that it comes easier and easier for you.

    3. Allow yourself a bit of spontaneity – routine and monotony kill the joy and satisfaction from sex. Spontaneity will bring a bit of freshness and joy to your relationship.

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    4. Tell your partner what you liked – criticism kills confidence and spontaneity. Instead of criticizing, you better tell your partner what he could do to give you more pleasure.

    5. Bring a bit of humor to your bedroom – seriousness and, consequently, tension and stress make it difficult to receive sexual stimuli. Enjoy closeness. A positive attitude and relaxation will let you get more pleasure.

    Not always simple ways to improve your sexual relationship turn out to be “simple” to implement. Sometimes it is impossible due to unresolved conflicts, emotional problems, injuries from the past or difficulties in communication between the partners. Often, problems in achieving satisfaction can be caused by sexual dysfunction. Therapy conducted by a sexologist can help. The specialist will determine the reasons for your difficulties and the way to solve them.

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