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    Erection Problems

    Problemy z erekcją

    Erection Problems

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    Are erection problems really only affect older men?

    Erectile dysfunction is a sexological problem that is one of the most commonly reported by men of all ages around the world. In Europe most often the erection problems are reported by the British and Belgians (13%), followed by the Spaniards, Italians and Poles (8%). In turn, they are least frequently reported in Germany and Austria (6%). Erection problems affect men of all ages:

    • from 1 to 9% of men under 40 years old
    • from 2% to 20% of men aged 40-49
    • from 9% to 30% of men aged 50-59
    • from 20 to 40% of men aged 60-69
    • from 50 to 75% of men aged 70 and older
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    What are erection problems? When to seek help?

    Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is diagnosed when achieving or maintaining an erection needed for satisfying sexual intercourse is impossible or very difficult. A man with erectile dysfunction may have correct erection only at the initial stages of a love game, but the erection disappears soon after. Incomplete erection is also an indication of erectile dysfunction.

    What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

    Erectile dysfunction may occur due to medical problems related to hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes and hormonal dysregulation. Among causes of erectile dysfunction are also back injuries or serious illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, tumors, dementia. Psychological background is more common in younger men and is usually associated with anxiety, depression, stress, uncertainty in the sexual role, or complexes.

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    Among the causes of erectile dysfunction, a bad diet also plays an important role. Numerous studies prove that all these nutrition errors that lead to negative changes in the circulatory system also contribute to obstructions in blood flow to the penis. As Professor Andrew McCullough, a professor at New York University Langone Medical Center put it, “whatever is harmful to a man’s heart is also harmful to his penis”.

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    Can medications affect erectile dysfunction?

    Among the factors that reduce sexual performance are drugs commonly used for chronic conditions: allergies, hypertension, depression, diabetes.

    How to distinguish between erectile dysfunction on the psychological background and those caused by other diseases?

    Erectile dysfunction may be a harbinger of other diseases developing in the body. Often sexual disorders will be the first signal that should not be underestimated. If the disorder creeps in relatively slowly, there is a reduction or complete absence of night, morning, spontaneous erections, or erectile dysfunction during intercourse, this may suggest an organic disorder. In turn, a psychological disorder will usually be associated with a sudden decline in sexual performance. Night, morning and spontaneous erection will be maintained. Libido may be weakened. Rarely, erection disappears during intercourse.

    What methods can be used to treat erectile dysfunction?

    It should be noted that any treatment for the patient should be selected individually. To do this, an interview with the patient should be collected and all the necessary tests performed. In the treatment of erectile dysfunction, very different methods are used, depending on the causes of these ailments found in a particular case. These include, among others: psychotherapy, relaxation and imagination methods, change of diet and lifestyle (in order to increase physical activity), and finally (in some cases) pharmacological treatment.

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    Among the methods used to treat erection problems, psychotherapy holds a special place – because in many cases the problem with getting an erection is in the psyche. The problem is compounded by the fact that many men treat sex as a field to test themselves and demonstrate their masculinity – in such a situation, any failure further aggravates the problem, which may lead to the so-called vicious circle – frustrations will build up and will increasingly become a barrier to getting an erection.

    Psychotherapy is to remedy this type of problem. In this regard, cognitive-behavioral therapy is particularly used, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by numerous studies. Its purpose is to lift psychological barriers that hinder or prevent proper erection.

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    Unfortunately, according to research, only about five percent of men affected by erection problems decide to receive treatment. The reason for this is often the unawareness of the fact that erection problems can be eliminated by proper treatment.

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