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    Dietician Online – What Does the Session Look Like?

    Dietician Online – What Does the Session Look Like?

    Dietician Online – What Does the Session Look Like?

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    If you want to make an appointment with a dietician, but you do not have time or are worried about coronavirus infection, take the opportunity to participate in an online visit. Thanks to remote consultation with a dietitian, you can easily match the date of the meeting to your schedule, and you will not have to waste time on commuting. Find out what an online visit to a nutritionist looks like and see how to prepare for it.

    Online visit to a dietician

    An online dietician consultation isn’t really that much different than a face-to-face meeting. This is the most convenient option for those who are in a hurry and for all those who, for some reason, cannot or do not want to meet a specialist in person. Just like during a standard visit to an online meeting with a nutritionist, you can talk about all the nutrition issues that bother you. During your first consultation, you can expect some general and more specific questions about your daily eating habits, lifestyle and physical activity.

    How to prepare for the visit?

    As in the case of a traditional visit to the office, it is worth preparing for an online meeting with a dietitian. This will greatly facilitate the work of a specialist, and also allow for a faster solution to the problem or a diet. Therefore, before the consultation, it is worth writing down what, when and in what amounts for a few days. It is good to take into account both the days we work and those spent at home. Notes should be diligent – hiding anything from a dietitian is pointless! Additionally, blood test results should be prepared for the meeting. You may find useful blood count, lipid profile, fasting glucose and insulin, and markers of kidney, liver, and thyroid function.

    Types of online visits

    If you want to sign up for a virtual consultation with a nutritionist, you have three options to choose from: e-mail exchange, telephone conversation and videoconference. You can adjust the type of consultation to your needs and the problem you are struggling with.

    Telephone consultation

    Telephone consultations with a dietician are essentially like teleportation with a specialist doctor. During a telephone conversation, the dietician conducts an interview and helps to solve the problem. Teleportation with a dietician is a very convenient method of consultation that requires only a phone call and some free time from the patient.

    E-mail consultation

    Another convenient way in which we can contact a nutritionist is via email consultation. This type of visit does not require a physical conversation with a specialist – problems are solved via e-mail. In order to use remote advice, it is enough to describe your problem and the circumstances in which it occurs. Additionally, include age, gender, and any other guidance that may be relevant. You can also attach the test results to the e-mail, if any. After reading the message, the nutritionist will respond with substantive advice.


    Innym, coraz popularniejszym typem spotkań z dietetykiem online jest wideokonferencja. Konsultacja przez Skype przebiega praktycznie tak samo jak standardowa wizyta i trwa tyle samo czasu – 50 minut. Podczas rozmowy możemy poruszyć wszystkie trapiące nas problemy w zakresie odżywiania oraz diety. Podobnie jak w przypadku wizyty w gabinecie stacjonarnym mamy możliwość zmiany terminu lub odwołania spotkania – możemy zrobić to najpóźniej 24 godziny przed umówioną wizytą.

    Payment for the visit

    A visit to a dietician online is conducted fully on the Internet. The patient does not have to visit the office in person, and all formalities, including the consultation fee, can be settled online. Thanks to the payment through the appropriate system, he does not have to make time-consuming transfers. All they need to do is click the payment link received in the e-mail to pay for the visit to the dietitian via quick transfers, card or BLIK. Earlier payment is equivalent to booking a date and is required before the consultation. If for any reason the consultation has to be postponed, that is of course possible. If the patient transfers or cancels the appointment within the specified time, they will receive a full refund.

    Advantages of visiting an online nutritionist

    A dietician is a specialist who bases his work on an interview with the patient, body measurements and test results, so he is able to provide high-quality, factual advice even without direct physical contact with the patient, which is a great convenience for many of us. Thanks to the online visit, we can save time on commuting and waiting for the visit, and we do not expose ourselves to a potential meeting with other people who may be infected with the coronavirus. We can participate in the consultation from anywhere, and we will make an appointment at any time of the day, both early in the morning, late afternoon, and even in the evening.

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