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    Eat Healthy While Working From Home

    Eat Healthy While Working From Home

    Eat Healthy While Working From Home

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    Although working from home mode may seem like a very convenient solution, it can be tempting. The biggest of these are unhealthy diets and snacking. After all, spending the whole day at home, we can constantly go to the kitchen and eat whatever we want … How to deal with this habit? What to eat to stay fit and healthy while working at home?

    Healthy eating while working from home - what should it look like?

    The Food and Nutrition Institute recommends that each of us follow a balanced diet, consisting of 4-5 varied meals. Unfortunately, with a full-time job all day, it is very difficult to mobilize yourself to prepare a healthy menu for the day in advance. Fortunately, the situation is different while working from home. It is a great opportunity to eat regular meals. Contrary to appearances, healthy eating does not require much time and cooking skills. Simple fruit and vegetable snacks can be prepared in a few minutes during a break from the computer. We can look for inspiration for interesting and simple dishes in many places, e.g. on the Internet or in cookbooks. It’s really nothing difficult!

    What to eat while working from home?

    It may sound banal, but a diet while working from home should be healthy above all else. If you eat only nutritious food while working at home, it will certainly be easier for you to stay in shape and even lose weight. What should a healthy menu while working from home consist of?

    • Vegetables and fruits – add them to every meal. If you feel hungry during the day, they will prove to be a quick and healthy snack.
    • Cereal products – choose dark bread, cereals, wholemeal pasta, cereals. Remember to be moderate in your carbohydrate intake.
    • Dairy products – buy dairy products without artificial additives and sugar. Give up flavored yoghurts in favor of natural milk, kefir and natural yoghurt.
    • Meat – add lean meat to your diet, which is a very good source of protein. Bet on poultry, veal and rabbit. You can also eat fish and seafood.

    Remember that in addition to the selection of the product itself, the way you prepare the dish is very important. Avoid frying food, especially in deep fat. Instead, choose steamed or baked foods.

    Working from home and eating snacks

    The biggest problem for people who work from home is the habitual snacking. Very often, during a break from work or even while working at the computer, we eat something for entertainment. The constant journey to the refrigerator is then the only move we make during the working day. Chips, candies, chocolates, jellies – we are able to eat everything and we do not focus on the amounts consumed. How to fix it? It’s a good idea to replace walks to the kitchen with light physical activity. Healthy snacks that can be prepared in a few minutes without much effort can also help.

    Examples of healthy snacks can be found below.

    • Smoothie – blend your favorite fruit with milk or kefir. Throw in vegetables such as carrots, kale, or spinach. You can also put chia seeds in the finished drink.
    • Baked crisps – Baked thin slices of vegetables are an alternative to fried crisps. You can prepare potatoes, beetroot, carrots, zucchini or parsley this way.
    • Vegetables with hummus – this is one of the fastest snacks. Cut the carrots, cucumbers and any other vegetables you like into strips and eat with the hummus.
    • Fruit with Yogurt – If you like fruit yoghurt, go for a healthy alternative. Choose Greek or plain yogurt and eat it with fresh vegetables. If you like, you can add a handful of dried fruit to the snack.

    Healthy diet - buy food consciously

    In order to maintain regularity in the use of the diet while working from home, it is worth checking what we buy in the store. If you don’t have unhealthy snacks at home, then you won’t be tempted to snack. Of course, once in a while you can afford a little sins – a small packet of chips, popcorn for an evening movie, or a candy bar. However, it is best if you do not keep a lot of these types of snacks at home, as there is a high probability that you will eat them without even noticing when it happened. When shopping, also pay attention to the ingredients of the products. Give up food rich in glucose-fructose syrup, dyes and preservatives.

    Write out the menu

    If you have problems adhering to diets, consider making a detailed menu. Include 4-5 meals and plan what times you will eat them. You need to adjust the amount of food to your body’s needs. If you are not exercising, the occasional portion should be smaller than when you regularly play sports, such as going to the gym or fitness classes. Don’t overeat, but also don’t let yourself be hungry. The most important thing in a healthy diet is finding the right balance. If you want to lose weight, it will be helpful to calculate the body’s caloric requirements and calculate the caloric value of meals at the stage of planning the menu. It is quite a laborious task, but it guarantees results!

    Get help from a dietician

    Do you try to eat healthy at home, and still gain weight? Do you want to stay in shape or lose weight, but you do not want to write down meals and play with tedious calculations? Are you bored with healthy dishes? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, it’s time to visit a dietician. A nutrition specialist will calculate your energy needs and on this basis will prepare a special diet created just for you. It will take into account your food preferences, culinary skills and, most importantly, your health. By following the diet you will receive after visiting a dietician, you will be sure that you are not making nutritional mistakes. With regularity, the effects of the diet will quickly surprise you and motivate you to continue taking care of your body.

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