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    The influence of emotions on sleep – psychologist: sleep quality translates into mental health

    The influence of emotions on sleep

    The influence of emotions on sleep – psychologist: sleep quality translates into mental health

    The influence of emotions on sleep – psychologist: sleep quality translates into mental health 1024 683 Psycholog Seksuolog Warszawa - Poradnia "HARMONIA"

    Sleep is one of the most important biological needs because it allows us to regenerate and rest. For the proper functioning of the body and good health, it is important not only to sleep regularly, but also to get enough sleep. The quality of sleep affects our well-being and overall health. Sleep disturbance or its complete absence can lead to the development of serious emotional and cognitive disorders. In turn, the emotions we feel affect the quality of sleep. And so the circle is closed.

    How does emotions affect sleep?

    There are many different types of sleep that affect sleep. Some show a positive effect on our body and mind, while the other disrupt or even prevent night rest, thus worsening general health, including mental state and well-being. Now we will focus on the latter.

    One of the most important factors that negatively impact sleep quality is stress. Stress is in a way inscribed in our lives and we come into contact with it from an early age. If it occurs relatively rarely and we are able to deal with it, it is unlikely to affect our sleep. However, when it is chronic, it not only makes it difficult to sleep, but also has a negative impact on health and the body in general.

    Stress and the rush of emotions often make us fidget on the bed for a long time and keep us awake. This is largely due to the racing of thoughts, analyzing the situations that took place during the day, or the attempt to organize and suppress emotions. This condition not only causes problems with falling asleep, but also often interrupts sleep, and in the long run leads to the development of insomnia.

    The accumulation of emotions, both negative and positive, can lead to periods of wakefulness. Then the mind and body cannot focus on rest, as a result of which we wake up easily and sleep does not regenerate us.

    Sleep quality and mental health

    When we are unable to sleep due to overly strong emotions and chronic stress, we fall into a vicious cycle, because our mental health deteriorates due to the fact that sleep does not regenerate us. Adequate sleep is essential for maintaining good mental health, memory, creativity and vigilance.

    Lack of sleep affects the effectiveness and efficiency of learning and memory. When we are sleepy, we think less logically, and the same thinking takes much longer than when we are asleep. In addition, we are prone to make riskier decisions and display illogical behavior that we would not even suspect under normal circumstances.

    Long-term sleep disturbance is a common cause of problems with memory and concentration. They weaken creativity and reaction time to external stimuli. There are also mood swings – from joy and euphoria to depression and sadness.

    It is also worth mentioning here that the lack of sleep negatively affects not only mental but also physical health. Our immunity drops, and therefore we are much more exposed to the development of various diseases. In addition, the production of sex hormones is disturbed, which in turn reduces libido.

    Emotional Sleep Problems - Where Can I Get Help?

    Sleep problems should not be underestimated, especially when they have been present for a long time, have a negative impact on our mental and physical health, and we are unable to deal with them on our own. The place where residents of Warsaw and the surrounding area can come to the Psychological and Sexological Clinic in Warsaw, where they will receive appropriate psychological help.

    In the fight against sleep disorders or insomnia, the most important thing is to find the cause of the problems and eliminate it. If your sleep quality is negatively affected by emotions, the psychologist will teach you how to deal with them. The main treatment option is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We will learn more about this during the first visit to a psychologist.

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