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    A woman and a man – How to explain the differences to a child?

    A woman and a man – How to explain the differences to a child?

    A woman and a man – How to explain the differences to a child?

    A woman and a man – How to explain the differences to a child? 1024 683 Psycholog Seksuolog Warszawa - Poradnia "HARMONIA"

    “How is a boy different from a girl?” – this question confuses many parents. However, it is worth being prepared for them, because sooner or later in the life of every child there comes a moment when they start to be interested in this topic. Toddlers quickly notice the differences in the external genitalia and physiology between men and women, and they seek the truth. How to explain to a child the differences regarding male-female and physical issues?

    Interest in sexuality - the stage of child development

    Children, even the youngest ones who do not go to kindergarten yet, are well aware of the division into the female and male world. After all, every day they watch us adults very carefully, they also notice differences in terms of sexuality when playing with siblings or peers. Toddlers see differences not only in body build, but also in the behavior of men and women.

    The awareness of the division of the world into a female and a male reality is very important in the process of gender identification. Therefore, questions about the difference in the structure of the sexual organs of a girl and a boy are completely normal, and asking them is downright desirable. So don’t panic when your baby starts asking us “why doesn’t she have a pee like me” or “why daddy doesn’t have breasts like mom”. Let’s just learn to answer such questions.

    How to explain to a child the difference between a man and a woman?

    The first rule to be followed when talking about the differences between a boy and a girl is telling the truth. Let us not invent fairy tales and mislead the child on purpose, because sooner or later he will find out what it is like in reality, and it is better for them to learn it from us than to be embarrassed by their peers.

    When explaining the differences in the physique of a man and a woman, it is worth reaching for the illustrated children’s book on the subject matter. With its help, we will be able to discuss individual discrepancies, while showing them in pictures. Keep in mind that whatever we call the reproductive organs in this conversation, the baby will talk about them later, in any setting.

    A question often asked, especially by boys, is “why doesn’t she pee standing up”. In this case, it is worth referring to the anatomy and explaining that girls do not have a pee, and the point from which pee comes out is located in the hole between the legs, and not at the end of the penis, as in boys. This is why boys find it more convenient to pee standing up. If your child asks if they can also try to pee standing up, let them do so. Let him see how convenient it is for him.

    Child Masturbation - Is It Normal?

    Child sexuality is often controversial. One topic that is far too little talked about is child masturbation. When a child becomes interested in gender differences, he often begins to pay more attention to his genitals. In preschool children, and even 2-3 years old, masturbation may then occur.

    Child masturbation is considered a developmental norm, so in general it should not be of concern to parents and guardians. Its task is primarily to get to know its own body better, but at the same time, the toddler may discover that this activity is fun and use it for this purpose. We should also remember that manipulating the intimate organs does not always mean masturbation. Uncomfortable underwear or an intimate infection may be the cause of touching and stroking in this area.

    In most cases, your child’s masturbation behavior is nothing to worry about. However, if you notice anything disturbing about child masturbation, you should consult a sexologist. A child sexologist also provides help in the case of problems such as excessive interest in sexuality or child exhibitionism. The place where residents of Warsaw and the surrounding area can come to the center is the Psychological and Sexological Counseling Center in Warsaw. It is there that they will receive specialist help for their child.

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