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    Headache can be psychological – how to deal with emotions?

    Ból głowy może mieć podłoże psychologiczne – jak poradzić sobie z emocjami?

    Headache can be psychological – how to deal with emotions?

    Headache can be psychological – how to deal with emotions? 1024 683 Psycholog Seksuolog Warszawa - Poradnia "HARMONIA"

    Headache is a common condition that affects people of all ages. There are a multitude of reasons why it occurs. It even turns out that a headache can be psychological. In this case, the use of painkillers or other home methods does not always bring the expected results. Find out how to deal with your emotions and the headache they cause.

    Emotions and headache

    Some people experience a headache in stressful situations when their emotions are overwhelmed. For others, this ailment occurs when their thoughts are still busy analyzing important matters, which is associated with a lot of stress. This is not surprising, as it turns out there is a connection between emotions and headaches.

    Emotions can aggravate an existing headache and also trigger it directly. Each organism reacts to them differently, some cope with them better, others are more susceptible to them. In addition, prolonged pain can further frustrate and cause other negative emotions, which can lead to a vicious circle.

    Headache due to emotions - what to do?

    The most important thing is to understand the seriousness of the problem and not be ashamed of it. The mental state of a person can affect the entire human body and affect the well-being and everyday functioning. Therefore, in the case of a psychological headache, instead of pretending that the problem does not exist or waiting for it to resolve itself, it is better to seek help from a specialist immediately. In this case, it is worth consulting a psychologist who will help you learn to better deal with your emotions.

    Therapy with a psychologist as a method of treating psychological headaches

    The psychologist approaches each patient individually, taking into account his needs and expectations regarding the therapy. It helps you find the cause of a problem and then teaches you how to eliminate it. There is a lot of work to do for a person who wants to deal with emotions and overcome psychological pain. However, he does not have to worry, because he will receive the necessary support from a psychologist throughout the treatment process.

    What is the process of treating psychological headaches?

    In the process of treating psychological headaches, it is very important to recognize the factors responsible for causing them. The patient should analyze his emotions during the day and look at what he was doing and what emotions he felt at the time of pain.

    It may be helpful in this respect to keep a special diary in which the frequency of headaches, duration and severity are recorded. This is valuable information for the specialist in charge of the therapy, who can then find the source of the problems and track the progress of the treatment.

    Methods of dealing with emotional headache

    Typically, cognitive behavioral therapy is administered to patients struggling with emotional headaches. This therapy includes three treatment techniques.

    Relaxation training

    Relaxation is a state in which both the body and mind relax. Relaxation training teaches you to control your own body, and thus control your emotions. One of the most frequently used methods in this area is contracting and relaxing the muscles of the body. The longer the training takes and the more aware one becomes, the more relaxed the patient becomes.

    Training in coping with stress

    The emotions that accompany us in stressful situations can also become the cause of frequent headaches, especially if we are not able to deal with this stress. Therefore, the patient must acquire skills that will allow consciously and, above all, effective control of the factors responsible for triggering stress.

    With stress management training, you can learn to interpret stressful situations more objectively and react less emotionally to problems. Sometimes we unconsciously contribute to the occurrence of stressful situations, which is why the therapy also includes controlling actions leading to the reduction of the frequency of stressful situations.

    Biofeedback therapy

    It is a non-invasive method of therapy based on monitoring physiological changes in the body with a special device. Biofeedback influences specific body reactions and teaches the patient how to consciously control the body processes that contribute to the occurrence of headaches.

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