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    Low mood as a result of the lack of sunlight – useful tips

    Low mood as a result of the lack of sunlight

    Low mood as a result of the lack of sunlight – useful tips

    Low mood as a result of the lack of sunlight – useful tips 1024 683 Psycholog Seksuolog Warszawa - Poradnia "HARMONIA"

    The autumn and winter period is the time when the lack of sun usually affects us the most. As the days get shorter and colder, our well-being deteriorates significantly, which can lead to low mood. Why is the lack of sun affecting us so badly? What might its effects be? Can we do something to combat the malaise that we feel seasonally in the fall and winter?

    Lack of sun and mental disorders

    When we think about winter, many different associations come to mind. Although most of them evoke positive emotions, e.g. snow, making a snowman, sledding, there are also those that make the smile disappear immediately. We can include among them, among others bitter frost and very short days. During the period when the sun shines only for a few hours, we spend most of the day in artificial light. If, in addition to a short day, we are dealing with autumn-winter gray, the natural rays of the sun are practically imperceptible for us. This can have a negative impact on your mental health and lead to serious mood swings that should be discussed when consulting a psychologist.

    How to fight the lack of sun?

    The lack of sun in winter is something natural in our geographical area that we have to accept. Fortunately, there are many techniques and ways to overcome the fall/winter blues. They follow a few simple advice, we can easily overcome malaise and take care of mental and physical health. Check out how to quickly overcome the negative feelings associated with the lack of sun.

    Take care of the right light

    In the autumn and winter period, it is crucial to illuminate the rooms, especially the workplace. Too dark spaces can make it difficult to focus and cause drowsiness, while too strong lighting set in our field of view can irritate the eyes. That is why it is so important to find an optimal solution that will allow us to feel at ease and stimulate our productivity at the same time.

    Eat healthy

    It may sound trivial, but healthy eating is the key to overcoming the fall and winter blues. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, dishes based on fruits and vegetables will ensure the proper functioning of internal organs. Although in winter we usually feel like eating typical fast food such as pizza, sometimes it’s better to choose a light salad, which will not only be a much healthier solution, but also take us to summer with its colorful appearance and freshness.

    Exercise and walk

    In summer, we spend a lot more time outdoors and move much more often. If you prefer to sit at home under a blanket with a glass of wine or a good movie in winter, take a walk or exercise once in a while instead. Physical activity will warm your body from the inside and will certainly improve your mood. If you bustle around the house aimlessly during the day, make the best use of this time. Take a walk and catch the winter sunshine!

    Get your head busy

    If you have winter blues and you don’t know how to deal with it, try not to think about it. Find an activity that will relax you and allow you not to think about malaise. For example, you can read a book, watch the latest movie, or return to a hobby you have neglected. Or maybe look for a new one? Do something that will please you and let you relax.

    Go out

    Winter doesn’t have to be a time you waste at home. If you feel the afternoon weariness and reluctance to leave your home during your short days, find a reason to leave! For example, you can sign up for a fitness class, go to the swimming pool or ice rink, or relax in the massage parlor.

    Consult a specialist

    If, after all, you cannot cope with the fallout or suffer from a lack of motivation to change your lifestyle, do not underestimate the problem! The constantly felt tension and malaise can turn into a much more serious problem, which is winter depression. If you need an interview, support or professional advice, make an appointment with a psychologist.

    The lack of a quick and specific reaction to the blues resulting from the lack of sun can take away your joy from such a beautiful time as winter. Remember that a lack of sun can be fought, and a few simple changes can greatly improve your mood. If you want to find out what to do to enjoy life despite the lack of sun, an on-line visit or consultation with a psychologist may be the solution to the problem.

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