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    What is the First Session With a Psychologist Like?

    What is the First Session With a Psychologist Like?

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    The first visit to a psychologist, like many other things we do for the first time, may be for some of us an object of anxiety or embarrassment: how will it be to tell about your thoughts and experiences to a person seen for the first time? Of course, many of these fears are due to the fact that we have never met a psychologist before and we do not know what such a session really looks like. To address at least some of these fears, this article will try to explain what the first session with a psychologist looks like.

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    Where does the session take place?

    As a rule, the visit takes place in the psychologist’s office. Psychologist’s office is arranged so that the patient can feel safe and comfortable in it. Good conditions certainly facilitate honest conversation. In addition to a visit to the office, it is also possible to arrange a consultation, which will take place not face to face, but at a distance – by phone or using one of the Internet messengers, e.g. Skype. On the one hand, this solution has its drawback, because it does not give such a contact with a psychologist as is possible when visiting face to face, but on the other hand it gives the opportunity to talk to a psychologist to people who live abroad or for other reasons prefer this form.

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    How long does the session take?

    A psychological session in our Clinic lasts 50 minutes, which is a standard solution when it comes to the work of psychologists. Such time gives the opportunity to discuss important problems for the patient. Slightly longer, 70 minutes, are sessions during the couples therapy, when two partners talk with a psychologist together. The point is that with three people talking a little more time is needed so that everyone can properly participate in the conversation.

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    What is the First Session With a Psychologist Like?

    The session consists only of conversation. The conversation concerns the problem with which the patient came. The psychologist will ask what the problem is and what the patient’s feelings are. Of course, the basic condition for a psychologist to help a patient is that he honestly describes his problem. This, in turn, is impossible without adequate comfort of the patient, his sense of security and trust towards the psychologist. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, just tell it your psychologist.

    Deciding on therapy

    A visit to a psychologist can be only a one-time consultation, at which the patient will receive an answer to problems and doubts bothering him. As a rule, however, patients decide to work longer, which will help them reach a specific goal. At the starting of a therapy the psychologist and patient are determining the principles on which this therapy is to take place. First of all, it’s about the frequency of meetings. This depends primarily on the problem to be addressed by the therapy and on the patient’s time schedule. It can also be changed on an ongoing basis and adapted to the progress of therapy.

    Is it worth going to a psychologist?

    Problems that lie in the sphere of the psyche, as well as injuries of the body, often require consultation with a specialist. Psychological problems and dysfunctions should not be underestimated. The psychologist during the conversation will help you find the source of the problems and possible ways to overcome them. Using his knowledge and experience, he will also support you throughout the whole process, giving you an understanding of your needs, emotions and fears.

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