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    Detox Diet at Home – How to Safely Carry It Out and What to Remember?

    Detox Diet at Home - How to Safely Carry It Out and What to Remember?

    Detox Diet at Home – How to Safely Carry It Out and What to Remember?

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    Although a few years ago we associated detox mainly with the withdrawal of dangerous stimulants, today this concept is more and more often used in the context of a healthy diet and detoxifying the body of various types of toxins. Many people who attach great importance to their diet decide on a short-term, usually one or three-day detox of the body. What should it consist of and how to conduct it wisely without harming the body?

    Accumulation of toxins in the body

    Every day, along with the meals and fluids consumed, our body absorbs dozens of different types of toxins. They can be found in virtually every food product we buy in the store. By accumulating in tissues, toxins can have a negative impact on our health and general well-being. The most common problems related to the accumulation of toxins include poor mental condition, deterioration of the skin, hair and nails, as well as decreased efficiency and immunity of the body, which can lead to much more serious diseases.

    When will you need a detox?

    The pace of life today is extremely fast, which is why we often ignore the signals that our body sends us. Although we all know that a healthy diet, rich in vegetables, fruits and unprocessed products, is crucial in keeping in shape, often due to lack of time or laziness, we take shortcuts and choose products that only seemingly meet our needs. Coffee, energy or sweets only temporarily give us energy, while disrupting the natural functioning of the body. Fortunately, there are safer methods thanks to which we can easily and quickly get back in shape, and one of them is detox.

    What is detox?

    There is no one perfect recipe for a home detox. Generally, depending on the person, their needs, the degree of hunger and lifestyle, it can have a very different course. People who want to detoxify the body usually start with a one-day detox based on a monodiet, i.e. eating only one type of meal throughout the day. More advanced people often resort to other forms of detoxification diets, such as a three-day juice detox based on fresh fruit and vegetable juices or a weekly nutritional plan focusing solely on fruit, vegetables, meat and groats.

    Preparations for detox

    When the decision to conduct a detox is collapsing, it is worth preparing for detoxification and introducing simple changes in the menu a few days earlier that will intensify the effects of the cleansing diet. Before detoxing, it is worth giving up all stimulants, including caffeine, and limiting the consumption of sugars. Nutritionists also advise that you do not eat white flour, red meat, dairy products or eggs immediately before detoxification. It is also important to drink plenty of water. Even if it is difficult to give up coffee, alcohol or cigarettes, it is worth trying to overcome them and give them up completely for a few days. Before the detox, you should eat natural and easily digestible meals – fruit, vegetables, groats or vegetable soups will work great.

    When to detox

    If we are not used to regular detoxes, detoxing the body may come as a shock. It is for this reason that you should decide to purify on a day off from work, when there are no obligations waiting for us. Instead of stress on this day, it is worth focusing on true relaxation – go for a walk, meditate or take part in a yoga session. If we have doubts as to whether the detox will be healthy in our case and how to carry it out, it is worth signing up for a consultation with a dietician in advance, who will suggest the safest type of detox, select the time of detoxification and help in adjusting the optimal menu.

    Types of detox

    Choosing the right type of detox should depend on several factors, including personal food preferences. During consultation with a dietitian, a specialist may suggest one of the following forms of detoxification of the body.

    • Monodiet. It is a diet based on one type of meal that we eat throughout the day, e.g. millet.
    • Juice detox. It consists in the daily consumption of various types of fruit and vegetable juices. The optimal amount is 5 drinks throughout the day.
    • Liquid detox. In this version, apart from juices, we can also eat smoothies, broth and vegetable soups.
    • Vegetable and fruit detox. During the day, we eat only vegetables and fruit in various forms, e.g. raw, boiled, baked, etc.

    For all types of detox, drinking plenty of water and herbal tea is recommended. It is also important that the diet is rich in cleansing products such as lemon, green tea, cranberry, beetroot, cabbage, apples and parsley. If you still don’t know how to detox at home, make an appointment with an online nutritionist to help you prepare for detoxification.

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