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    Job Loss – an online psychologist will support you in the fight against stress!

    Job Loss - an online psychologist will support you in the fight against stress!

    Job Loss – an online psychologist will support you in the fight against stress!

    Job Loss – an online psychologist will support you in the fight against stress! 1024 683 Psycholog Seksuolog Warszawa - Poradnia "HARMONIA"

    Being fired from your job is no fun, and it can often cause mental health problems later on. If you are also one of the people who have recently lost their job, do not worry and take appropriate action. You can’t cope with the situation and you don’t know who to turn to with your problem? Consider signing up for an online consultation with an experienced psychologist.

    Why do we experience dismissal so badly?

    For most adults, a stable job is one of the priorities in life. Usually, we can work in one company for many months or even years, which means that we are strongly associated with our employer and other colleagues. Fission from work after many years of employment is so difficult as it introduces a revolution in our lives for some time, especially when we did not expect that we would lose our job. Although for some people, dismissal may be an incentive to find a better job, the vast majority of employees have problems accepting the boss’s decision.

    Dismissal from work can be particularly painful in a few cases, and this is not only the case with experienced employees. Very often, people who lose employment at the beginning of their professional career, e.g. after the first few months of work, may doubt their value and skills.

    Reasons for dismissal

    In order to better deal with dismissal, it is worth considering the reason for it first – in many cases it may turn out that the loss of a job had nothing to do with our skills or commitment to work. Reducing a job, changing the company’s business profile or a position that does not match the skills are very common reasons for dismissals that are completely independent of the employee.

    If, however, the cause of job loss is on our side, we should not worry about it and constantly think about the dismissal, but draw conclusions – such a lesson may protect us in the future against similar situations in a new workplace.

    It is not worth breaking down!

    Dismissed employees very often fall into a vicious circle – they are overwhelmed by the information about the dismissal, so they do not want to look for a new job, and even if they manage to receive an invitation to an interview, they do not show enthusiasm, which reduces the chances of finding a job because recruiters sense the enthusiasm of the candidates very well. You have to remember that in today’s world, losing a job is not the end of the world – there are a lot of companies looking for employees and every person who already has experience and beats energy to act from them will surely find a dream job.

    If, after losing your job, you cannot find a new job, do not quit! Think about what job you will feel best in and what features make it worth choosing for a given position. You don’t have to look for exactly the same job as in the past – a dismissal could start something completely new for another employer.

    Job loss and psychological help

    If you are also affected by the dismissal and you are unable to deal with the problem, the best step is to seek professional advice from a specialist in the field of dismissal problems. By talking to a therapist, you will learn not only how to deal with the anger, sadness and grief associated with changing jobs, but also learn to deal with stress. A psychologist will help you overcome all barriers and motivate you to act.

    Difficulties in coping with dismissal very often result from an imbalance in the balance between private and professional life. People who put work first, often cannot accept and understand the employer’s decisions; they break down and cannot enjoy what would normally make them happy. Unfortunately, many of us still do not understand this, and if it also applies to you, the therapist will help you find your former joy in life.

    If you are still not convinced whether a visit to a specialist will help you, sign up for an online psychologist session – this is currently the most convenient form of therapy, during which you can talk to a psychologist whenever you need it, without leaving your home.

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