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    Manipulation – are you its victim?

    Manipulacja – czy jesteś jej ofiarą?

    Manipulation – are you its victim?

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    In fact, we are all exposed to manipulation in today’s world. Advertisements on TV, politicians, telemarketers … They all want to convince us of their arguments, which are not necessarily the best solutions for us. What are the most popular manipulation techniques? What to do in order not to be persuaded to make a wrong choice? How can we cope if we are susceptible to the suggestions of others? Where to get professional advice?

    Manipulation and persuasion

    Persuasion, that is, convincing someone to your point of view or views without hidden motivations, is not a bad thing. Sometimes, however, seemingly persuasive behavior can easily turn into manipulation. If someone persuades us to change our behavior and has an underlying motivation to do so, they can manipulate us.

    Unfortunately, it is very difficult to distinguish manipulation from persuasion, and manipulated people often do not allow themselves to think that someone may have tried to deceive them or stealthily change their thinking.

    Manipulation techniques

    In order not to be manipulated, it is worth paying attention to the most common techniques used by manipulators. Here are the most popular of them:

    1. Scaring

    Many manipulators want to achieve their goals by creating fear in the interlocutor or listener. If someone has dramatic visions of what will happen if you don’t change your mind or behavior, they may be using this technique.

    2. Domination

    Manipulators very often try to dominate their victims. When your interlocutor constantly talks, imagines different visions, does not allow you to speak and does not take your opinion into account, at the same time presenting himself as an expert, there is a high probability that he is manipulating you. This behavior very often camouflages other psychological problems.

    3. Exaggeration

    Often the manipulators tend to be unjustifiably exaggerated. For example, they may present their situation as much worse than it really is. It is worth being sensitive to it and remember that what our interlocutor says may be colored.

    4. Being an expert

    Skilled manipulators very often try to demonstrate their authority over the interlocutor. If the person you are talking to is consistently positioned higher than you and likes to show their strength or competence, their intentions may not always be what you think.

    How to deal with manipulation?

    Being susceptible to manipulation can be a big problem. People who are prone to such behavior tend to deny that their behavior was shaped by someone else. This is why it is so hard to recover from being manipulated.

    If you suspect that others have too much influence on your views and behavior, there are a few universal rules that will greatly reduce the possibility of being manipulated.

    Bet on assertiveness

    Assertiveness is a trait that will largely protect you from manipulation. Remember that you are always entitled to your own views and you do not always have to agree with your interlocutor. If your views differ, do not change them without reason.

    Be an active interlocutor

    Manipulators tend to detect people who are susceptible to suggestion. If you don’t speak much, never have an opinion, and always nod, you’re an easy target. To protect yourself from manipulation, show your interlocutor that you also have something to say.

    Honesty pays off

    Honesty is key if you want to protect yourself from manipulation. And it’s not about honesty with the other person, but most of all honesty with yourself. If you change your behavior under the influence of someone else, think about whether you are doing it because you want to, or your intention is to please the other person.

    Put yourself in the shoes of the interlocutor

    Manipulated people very often want to please the whole world. If you also have this tendency and want to help your interlocutor, consider whether his expectations are realistic and whether he would extend a helping hand to you in a similar situation.

    Are you a victim of manipulation? Check how to deal with it!

    Someone tricked you and you fell for it? Or maybe you still change your mind under the influence of others? Do you think you are susceptible to manipulation? You may need psychological support. You don’t have to leave your home to get professional help from a specialist who will objectively look at your behavior. You can consult an online psychologist.

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