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    Trying for a Baby and Problems with Sex

    Trying for a Baby and Problems with Sex

    Trying for a Baby and Problems with Sex

    Trying for a Baby and Problems with Sex 1024 652 Psycholog Seksuolog Warszawa - Poradnia "HARMONIA"

    Many couples who try to conceive lose the joy and pleasure of sex. This is especially the case when long-term trials do not produce the desired results. The longer two people try, the stronger the stress and uncertainty. How to deal with sex problems when trying for a baby? How to increase libido and improve the quality of sexual life?

    Trying for a baby and sexual life

    Sexual life is a very important area of the relationship, so it is so important that we take care of it. For many couples, the time of trying for a baby has a very positive effect on her. Partners have a common goal – parenting. They are happy to strive to achieve it, thereby bonding their relationship. The decision to start a family is a very serious step that requires maturity. It is also a kind of sealing a relationship and confirming that it is strong. Unfortunately, many couples who are trying to conceive a child experience a crisis in their erotic life. This happens when procreation becomes the sole purpose of sex. Sex stops being fun, it becomes less spontaneous, and sometimes even causes stress and unnecessary nerves.

    Influence of libido on trying for a baby

    One of the most common difficulties in long-term attempts for a baby is a decreased libido. When the desire for sex decreases and the desire for a child is very strong, intercourse may be forced. When we experience a decreased sex drive, we should consider what might be causing it. In many cases, finding the source of the problem may turn out to be crucial in solving problems with conceiving a child.

    Causes of lowered libido

    There are many reasons that can cause a decrease in libido – both in men and women. Low sex drive may result from psychological disorders as well as may be biological. The most common reasons for lowered libido are:

    • hormonal disorders, such as decreased testosterone levels or increased prolactin levels;
    • certain diseases, e.g. diabetes or anemia;
    • the use of drugs, including psychotropic drugs and antihypertensive drugs;
    • mental blocks.

    Can trying for a baby cause a decrease in libido?

    In the case of long-term attempts to have a child, which fail permanently, psychological blockages may appear, which in turn will inhibit the libido. Persistent attempts to get pregnant can cause routine. Having sex at the right times in the cycle, at the right time and frequency over a long period of time, such as several months or even years in a row, can lead to a loss of sex drive. If it leads to suppression of libido, regaining the desire for intercourse can be very difficult. Often the only solution to the problem is to visit a sexologist and participate in a couples therapy.

    Relationship routine and problems with sex

    The worst thing that can happen when trying for a baby is repeatability. Couples who have sex out of duty often drift apart. Lack of a sense of desire and a pre-planned schedule of intercourse is something that can even lead to the breakdown of the relationship and the entire relationship. Trying for a baby should never be in the foreground in your daily life, as it can become an obsession. The needs of both partners should always come first. If both people are happy and content to live together, it is much easier to have good sex and, consequently, get pregnant.

    How to deal with sex problems when trying for a baby?

    Most of the sex problems when trying to conceive a baby are due to the feeling of pressure and lowered libido. In order for the dream of parenthood to come true, it is not worth considering sex as a tool for fertilization. All stresses should be avoided, including those related to unsuccessful procreation, as they may be responsible for the difficulties in trying for a child. To overcome your sex problems, it’s a good idea to relax frequently and not feel tense. The lifestyle is also important – exercise and a healthy diet generally affect our health and well-being, which is why it is so important to take care of our physical culture every day.

    Why are the efforts to get pregnant taking longer?

    It usually takes several months for most couples to seek a baby. It is very rare for a woman to get pregnant immediately after making the decision to start a family. Eating well, taking supplements or reducing stress can significantly speed up the process. However, if, despite many months of trying, the efforts do not bring results, a consultation with a doctor and appropriate tests are needed to check whether the partners are fertile and can count on offspring. If the results prove favorable, it is usually only a matter of time before you get pregnant. However, if, despite the passage of time, your efforts fail and your sex problems are becoming more and more serious, a visit to a sexologist is a good solution.

    Couples therapy while trying for a baby

    In many cases, unsuccessful attempts to conceive can be associated with sexual problems. Fortunately, we can avoid them very often. Special couples therapy can help here. These are consultations with a sexologist-psychologist who will help us understand the source of problems and find a way to overcome them. During therapy, partners in the presence of the therapist raise important topics that they would never normally discuss. Couples therapy allows you to reach the source of failure deeper and develop solutions that will be satisfactory for both partners. It is an opportunity for honest, intimate conversation about fears, stresses or other problems.

    How to prepare for couples therapy?

    Many people who have never attended couple therapy are concerned about meeting a sexologist for the first time. The vision of talking about intimate matters with a complete stranger evokes a feeling of shame and embarrassment. So how should we behave during couples therapy? In order for meetings with a specialist to bring the expected results, the most important thing is openness and willingness to break down barriers. Even if we have difficulty talking about private matters, we should remember that the therapist wants to help us and all his actions and questions are legitimate. If we are honest with him and try to push the stress related to the new situation into the background, we will notice the results of the meetings faster.

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