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    When is it Time for Marital Therapy?

    Kiedy warto podjąć terapię małżeńską?

    When is it Time for Marital Therapy?

    When is it Time for Marital Therapy? 1024 684 Psycholog Seksuolog Warszawa - Poradnia "HARMONIA"

    Marital therapy

    “And they lived happily ever after …” – we all remember the famous ending of many fairy tales, but the real life scenario is never so simple. A common way through life is often bumpy and the relationship requires constant efforts and proper care. Various factors cause that the fire between the partners slowly diminishes and they move away from each other. It is often the cause of misunderstandings, quarrels and mutual accusations that prevent a constructive resolution of the conflict. It is worth taking advantage of the support of an experienced therapist and start marital therapy.

    An indispensable element of couples therapy – motivation of both partners

    This is a basic condition that is always mentioned at the top of the indications for marital therapy. However, it is worth specifying more precisely what this motivation should relate to, because often people decide to talk to the therapist in anticipation that he will confirm the guilt of the other partner. This is a basic mistake! Therapy for couples is a good solution primarily for people who want to find the source of problems in a relationship and repair it.

    Ignoring mutual needs and expectations is a source of frustration and disappointment, which often causes a relationship to break up. Talking to a therapist not only helps to realize the existence of these needs, but also teaches partners better communication and makes them able to speak calmly and openly in the future. Work on repairing a relationship is hard and time-consuming, but therapy can provide a good foundation for a more lasting and more stable relationship.

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    What are the problems that should make you go to marital therapy?

    Usually, couples therapy is designed to solve different conflicts arising in a relationship. They may concern, among others, excessive jealousy of one of the partners or his overprotection. Sometimes misunderstandings result from a different perception of the roles and tasks that a partner performs in a marriage or family. Each relationship is different, which is why there is no universal scheme for locating and solving the problems.

    Often, marital therapy is an attempt to solve sexological problems, such as erection problems, loss of libido or dissatisfaction with intercourse. Literature indicates that the majority of this type of ailment is more often due to deterioration of mutual relations of partners than to actual diseases. In such cases, we recommend couples therapy with a sexologist who will approach the problem in a holistic way, finding the best way of solving it.

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    Can you rebuild a relationship after betrayal? Our experience shows that it is possible. Betrayal is usually not the beginning but the culmination of misunderstandings accumulating between partners. Rebuilding relationships and trust is not easy, but talking to a psychotherapist helps to name specific problems and to discuss in a calmer way all of emotions and feelings.

    Many couples also report problems related to children. A frequent reason for moving away from each other are long-term efforts to have a baby, slightly less often misunderstandings result from differences in the upbringing of children. Marital therapy can also be a good element of family therapy or a comprehensive approach to child’s problems. Sometimes, the conflict between parents has a very strong impact on children – then it is worth using the additional support from a child psychologist.

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    Irreconcilable differences: When the best solution is parting

    Did you know that divorce comes second in the SRSS stress factor scale just after your spouse’s death? Sometimes separation is inevitable, especially when the partners have long been separated by an insurmountable gulf. Sometimes, during marital therapy, the partners come to this decision together. The role of the psychotherapist is then to lead two people through the separation process so that it takes place in the most peaceful and mature way possible. It helps to avoid the enormous stress associated with the turbulent divorce case, the sharing of joint property or parental responsibilities.

    Regardless of whether you want to work together to repair your relationship, or maybe you care about a peaceful breakup – our therapists are specialists with experience and they will facilitate and teach you mutual communication. It would seem that opening up to a stranger and telling about your problems is difficult, but it is worth starting marriage therapy to fight for a satisfying relationship, and above all for happiness.

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