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    Sex Therapy for Couples

    Terapia par u seksuologa

    Sex Therapy for Couples

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    Sexological problems can affect not only one person, but also intercourse with a partner. In many cases of this kind, couples therapy, also known as marital therapy, is the optimal way to improve intercourse. Such therapy is carried out by a sexologist specializing in working with couples.

    The most common problems in sex therapy for couples

    The problems most frequently encountered during sex therapy for couples are:

    • not enough of sexual intimacy or its complete absence,
    • lack of satisfaction from sex,
    • low desire, low libido,
    • problems with erection or premature ejaculation,
    • no orgasm,
    • painful intercourse,
    • problems in the relationship: conflicts, willingness to deepen the relationship, betrayal and problems associated with betrayal,
    • difficulties in becoming pregnant.

    The causes of each of these problems may be not only in relationship, but also in individual difficulties of one partner or both of them – and these can result from both the psyche and biological reasons. Therefore, the therapy of couples in our Clinic is conducted by psychologists-sexologists who have experience in overcoming difficulties related directly to sexuality as well as those tied to other problems occurring in the relationship.

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    Form and methods of therapy

    Sex therapy for couples is based on cyclical conversations between the therapist and the couple. Such meetings last 90 minutes and their frequency is set individually by the therapist together with the couple – in different cases other intervals between sessions may be optimal.

    The therapy involves discussing matters which are important to the couple and about which both people want to talk. Thus both partners discover what is important to them and what their expectations are for each other. The therapist may ask them to do certain “exercises” at home, which will help bring them closer together. The exact course of therapeutic work always depends on the individual case and is adapted to the needs and expectations of the couple. That is why each sex therapy is slightly different and the therapist always adapts the methods used to the particular case.

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    During sex therapy for couples the therapist helps to solve problems of a sexological nature, improve mutual relations and obtain satisfaction from intercourse. It is important that the therapy does not end only with determining the causes of problems and how to remedy them, but also helps the couple to learn the difficult art of dealing with such problems by themselves in the future.

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