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    What Does the First Visit to a Sexologist Look Like?

    What Does the First Visit to a Sexologist Look Like?

    What Does the First Visit to a Sexologist Look Like?

    What Does the First Visit to a Sexologist Look Like? 1024 683 Psycholog Seksuolog Warszawa - Poradnia "HARMONIA"

    Conversations about intimate matters in our country are very often taboo. For this reason, patients who require advice from a sexologist very often postpone visiting a specialist in time and try to hide the problem or deal with it on their own. This, in turn, often leads to even more trouble and disturbance. If you want to book an appointment with a sexologist – do not hesitate. The sooner you make an appointment, the sooner you will get the help you need. Check what the first visit to a sexologist looks like, what you can expect there and what questions you may hear.

    Who is a sexologist?

    A sexologist is a therapist who specializes in solving problems related to human sexual life, both in the physical and psychological spheres. It is a person to whom we can report all problems related to intercourse and sexual disorders. Thanks to a visit to a sexologist, we can get the necessary support and find out what are the causes of our problems. In some cases it may turn out that they depend entirely on the psyche, while in others they may be caused by organ malfunction.

    When is it worth going to a sexologist?

    It is worth visiting a sexologist whenever we are not satisfied with erotic life or we avoid physical closeness. Contrary to appearances, such situations happen very often and can have many unpleasant consequences, including affect the psyche or lead to the destruction of a relationship with a loved one. The most common disorders that require a visit to a sexologist include: lack of orgasm, erectile dysfunction, libido disorders, premature ejaculation or even sex addiction. While talking about all these issues with a stranger can be stressful at first, it’s worth breaking down and trusting an experienced sexologist.

    What to expect from a sexologist?

    A sexologist is a person to whom we can tell about even the most intimate problems we struggle with. During the consultation, we should not stress and hide anything. By signing up for a consultation with a sexologist, you can be sure that the therapist will be impartial and will accept you and your problems. Although a specialist may ask very private questions about sexual orientation and gender sense, in many cases an answer is essential in determining a problem-solving strategy.

    First visit to a sexologist

    When deciding to start sex therapy, patients very often do not know what to expect from it. Even the thought of visiting a sexologist and talking about very intimate problems with a stranger is often embarrassing. However, you need to realize that the sexologist is not the person who will judge you – he is an experienced specialist who is there to help you. As a rule, the first visit to a sexologist is similar to the first visit to a psychologist. Usually it takes the form of a conversation during which the patient talks about his life and the problems he is struggling with.

    What questions can a sexologist ask?

    The course of the first visit to a sexologist is usually dynamic and depends on many factors. In addition to general questions about specific problems that prompted you to see a specialist, the therapist may also ask about many other things about your general health, medications, past illnesses or childhood events. Thanks to this knowledge, the sexologist will be able to determine whether the disorders have a pure psychological basis. If necessary, the therapist may also recommend additional tests that will be necessary to diagnose the problem.

    Sex therapy

    After identifying the problem, the sexologist will make a preliminary diagnosis of the problem and propose further steps. Depending on a given case, he may recommend sexual psychotherapy, prescribe the necessary pharmacological agents or suggest what changes you can implement to get rid of existing problems. In some cases, a sexologist may also recommend therapy for couples. This form of problem solving can be much more effective than solo sessions, and additionally allows partners to get to know each other better and see the problems they face in their everyday erotic life and what are the reasons behind it.

    A successful sex life has a great impact on our well-being and overall emotional state. That’s why it’s so important to care for them properly. Problems related to the intimate sphere should never be a reason for embarrassment or guilt – instead of hiding them, it is worth visiting a professional sexologist office.

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